VUSN: 100 Years - 100 Leaders

A group of 100 School of Nursing alumni and faculty were nominated and selected to be the “100 Leaders: 100 Years.” The selection committee comprised of alumni and faculty felt these 100 people have made a significant contribution to the nursing profession. We are delighted to announce and honor this prestigious group of leaders in the world of nursing.


June C. Abbey Susie Adams Sharon Adkins Adrienne Ames Nancy L. Anness Suzanne Baird Mary Bear Vicki Schwartz Beaver Carolyn Bess Virginia Trotter Betts Helen Joyce Weatherman Booth Beverly H. Bowns Michael Briley Jamie Brodie Amy Frances Brown Laura Beth Brown Marie-Annette Brown Poppy Pickering Buchanan Peter Buerhaus Leanne Busby Judy Jean Chapman Connie Chenosky-Miller Tom Christenbery Susan Cooper Charlotte Covington Cheryl Cox Virginia Crenshaw Rebecca Culpepper Ellen Durham Davis Elizabeth Dayani Roger DesPrez, MD Mary Louise Donaldson Marilyn Dubree Frances McGaughy Edwards Carol Etherington Rosamond Gabrielson Virginia George Mary Dodd Giles Mary Jo Gilmer Steve Guillot Ann Hamric LuLu Wolf Hassenplug Melissa Hauck Betsy Kerr Hay Leslie Higgins Erma Holtzhausen Beth Colvin Huff Margaret Jacobson Dorothy E. Johnson Rolanda Johnson

Pam O. Jones Sue Jones Mary Evelyn Kemp Joan E. King Carol Komara Kathy Koon Joyce Laben Laurence E. Lancaster Jana Lauderdale Rosann Finucane Lawrence Lewis Lefkowitz Frances Likis Ann Patterson Luther Janie Capps Macey Jane S. MacLean Amelia Mangay-Maglacas Ginger Trundle Manley Iola McClellan Manoogian Ingeborg Mauksch Donna McArthur Elizabeth Bishop McNaughton Ann Minnick Anne Moore Carolyn Moore Lesley Mortimer Kathryn Wolff Nelson Linda Norman James C. Pace Bobbi Jean Perdue Barbara A. Petersen Bonnie Pilon Ann Prochaszka Randolph Rasch Irene Rich Julie Rosof-Williams Diana Ruzicka Roberta Ann Smith Connie Carter Sunderman Judy Sweeney Cathy Taylor Kim Aycock Town Nancy Travis Diane Welch Vines Michael Vollman Ken Wallston Betsy Weiner Carolyn Whitaker Michele Harbin Williams Margaret Winters Kelly Ambrosi Wolgast