Postdoctoral Program


  Applications are currently being reviewed. Prospective applicants can check back in early February to see if additional spots are available or submit an inquiry here.

Godchaux Hall

Program Overview

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (VUSN) offers an in-person, two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship Program that provides fellows with a unique opportunity to advance their research career by:

  • Extending knowledge in their research area
  • Conducting successful interdisciplinary research projects
  • Enhancing writing and communication skills
  • Establishing new peer networks 

While in the program, fellows may focus their education and research in any of our signatures areas including:


Improving the lives of patients with chronic illnesses through innovations in diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management.                               


Developing new ways to use technology to create better patient outcomes.                       


Health equity research focuses on the causes of, and solutions for, inequalities such as access to healthcare, quality of healthcare, health outcomes, health behaviors and resources needed to achieve health and wellness.                                      


Improving the care of patients with serious illness and their loved ones.                                      


Improving the health and well-being of women, infants, children, and families.


Applicants are encourage to visit the Postdoctoral Faculty program page to learn more about individual faculty research areas.    

During the two-year program, fellows will work with faculty mentors to develop a semester-by-semester research plan, grant submissions, acquisition of new knowledge, and other scholarly endeavors. During the first year, a strong emphasis is placed on grant submissions (e.g., F32s, K99/R00) to support fellow effort and their program of research.

Program Goals


Fellows are provided an opportunity to:

Obtain hands-on involvement in research projects Participate in on-going research projects Conduct pilot studies
Participate in research conferences Write and submit grant applications  

Acquisition of New Knowledge

Fellows are Provided an Opportunity To:

Enhance and extend their career as independent researchers Establish and maintain peer networks with Vanderbilt and national experts Broaden their professional growth and development through formal courses
Audit classes Travel to research conferences Participate in weekly research and professional meetings, seminars and workshops

Writing and Communication

Fellows are provided opportunity to:

Write and submit one manuscript per semester to a peer-reviewed journal Communicate results of studies Interact with the media
Deliver effective public presentations

Complete a media training program

Participate in programs designed to provide knowledge and skills in course development, teaching strategies and evaluation

Why Choose Vanderbilt? 

  • Individualized program
  • Senior mentors
  • Interdisciplinary research opportunities
  • Supportive environment
  • Generous stipend and salary

The Right Environment

A postdoctoral fellowship at VUSN opens doors to an environment rich with experienced mentors and resources designed to support your growth as a nurse scientist and scholar.

With nearly 500 postdoctoral fellows in the Medical Center, the School of Nursing postdoctoral fellows participate in seminars, programs, special projects, and other activities with Medical Center and University colleagues. Our fellows expand their professional and social contacts and gain a broad understanding of successful strategies used by other postdoctoral fellows to advance their research careers.