Postdoctoral Program

Vanderbilt School of Nursing offers this two-year program through which fellows extend knowledge in their research areas, conduct successful interdisciplinary research projects, enhance writing and communication skills and establish new peer networks. Postdoctoral fellows receive a generous salary and stipend.

Why Choose Vanderbilt?

  • Individualized program
  • Senior mentors
  • Interdisciplinary research opportunities
  • Supportive environment
  • Generous stipend and salary

The Right Environment

A postdoctoral fellowship at VUSN opens doors to an environment rich with experienced mentors and resources designed to support your growth as a nurse scientist and scholar.

With nearly 500 postdoctoral fellows in the Medical Center, the School of Nursing postdoctoral fellows participate in seminars, programs, special projects, and other activities with Medical Center and University colleagues. Our fellows expand their professional and social contacts and gain a broad understanding of successful strategies used by other postdoctoral fellows to advance their research careers.

Financial Support

The VUSN Office of Research offers an annual stipend of $55.000 plus fringe benefits and $16,500 to support research-related activities such as tuition, travel for meetings, funds for data collection, purchase of data, supplies and equipment.


The Postdoctoral Program at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (VUSN) provides fellows with a unique opportunity to advance their research career by:

  • Extending knowledge in their research area
  • Conducting successful interdisciplinary research projects
  • Enhancing writing and communication skills
  • Establishing new peer networks

Fellows may focus their education and research in a variety of areas including:

  • Quality, safety and outcomes of care
  • Nursing interventions and their effect on patient outcomes
  • Quality of life in individuals coping with various health conditions
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Informatics
  • Workforce planning and forecasting
  • Design and testing of technology-mediated behavior change systems
  • Health communication in pediatric chronic illness

The Postdoctoral Program at Vanderbilt is a two-year program focusing in three areas. Working with faculty mentors, fellows develop a semester-by-semester plan of work in:


Fellows are provided opportunities to:

  • Obtain hands-on involvement in research projects
  • Participate in on-going research projects
  • Develop new data for research
  • Participate in research conferences
  • Write and submit grant applications

Acquisition of New Knowledge

Fellows are able to:

  • Enhance and extend their career as independent researchers
  • Establish and maintain peer networks with Vanderbilt and national experts
  • Broaden their professional growth and development through formal courses
  • Audit classes
  • Travel to research conferences
  • Participate in weekly research and professional meetings, seminars and workshops

Writing and Communication

Fellows are expected to:

  • Write and submit one manuscript per semester to a peer-reviewed journal
  • Communicate results of studies
  • Interact with the media
  • Prepare grant applications
  • Deliver effective public presentations
  • Complete a media training program
  • Participate in programs designed to provide knowledge and skills in course development, teaching strategies and evaluation