Making a Difference

Nursing education.
Patient care.
Clinical research.

In everything we do at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, we seek to deliver a unique combination of high tech and high touch that is changing the world around us. Following nursing’s long-standing tradition for care and compassion – as well as our school’s history of excellence that dates back to 1909 – we put the patient first in all that we do.

Each year, Vanderbilt School of Nursing alumni leave our campus and go into the world to make a difference.They are advanced practice nurses who deliver unsurpassed patient care and nurse scholars who continue to advance our discipline.

Today, new tools and techniques are available for us to leverage in all areas, in teaching the best nursing students anywhere and reaching out into our communities to deliver care to patients who might otherwise not have access to it. Meanwhile, we are reaching far and wide with innovative initiatives in mass casualty education and through international student exchanges and education programs.

These are our ways of ensuring that Vanderbilt School of Nursing is truly a place where our students are practice-ready, leading forward and touching lives wherever they go.