Center for Research Development and Scholarship

Transforming the Discipline of Nursing Through Scientific Discovery

Our Mission: Our research mission is to transform the discipline of nursing through research, practice and partnerships and to contribute to the social advancement and health of Tennessee, the nation, and the world. Vanderbilt School of Nursing (VUSN) supports the development of innovative research programs within VUSN that align strategically with other Vanderbilt University initiatives and that address national priorities to promote and protect health.

Signature Areas

Collaboration at VUSN

The Center for Research Development and Scholarship is directed by Dr. Mariann R. Piano, Senior Associate Dean for Research. The need for and direction of the Center’s services are determined through input from the faculty and postdoctoral fellows through formal monthly email solicitations of ideas and quarterly meetings devoted to research support issues to which all faculty and Center staff are invited.

The Center’s staff functions cooperatively and most have been cross-trained within pre- and post-award grants management areas.

Our research and scholarly activities are supported by several mechanisms including the extensive resources of Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Examples of these include the Clinical Research Center, the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, the Center for Interdisciplinary Workforce Studies and the Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development. There are many opportunities for School of Nursing faculty and students to collaborate with nursing and medical staff and faculty in our hospitals and clinics as well as those of collaborating institutions supported by agencies such as the Veterans Administration. Much of our research is multidisciplinary, involving researchers from the fields of medicine, business, engineering, anthropology, psychology, education and public policy.

Within the school, the Center for Research Development and Scholarship provides a full range of services and resources for faculty and postdoctoral fellows’ projects.