Research & Scholarly Activity

Our school has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to research excellence. It is one of many ways that we are helping to lead the nursing discipline forward in education and patient care.

Our Mission

The Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is a recognized leader in the development and testing of innovations in nursing practice and education. Our research mission is concentrated on advancing clinical nursing practice and the environment within which it is provided to improve health care outcomes through the contributions to science. Our research projects focus on the individual, family and community responses to health phenomena across the life span as well as issues related to health workforce and work organization. Vanderbilt School of Nursing emphasizes and rewards programs of research that build across investigators research careers. Consistent with this commitment is our investment in individualized development support for the junior researcher. Our scholarship mission encompasses the production of clinically relevant educational products that give direction to practicing nurses, students and patients as they seek to apply emerging nursing knowledge.

Mission Support

Our research and scholarly activities are supported by several mechanisms including the extensive resources of Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Examples of these include the Clinical Research Center, the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, the Center for Interdisciplinary Workforce Studies and the Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development. There are many opportunities for School of Nursing faculty and students to collaborate with nursing and medical staff and faculty in our hospitals and clinics as well as those of collaborating institutions supported by agencies such as the Veterans Administration. Much of our research is multidisciplinary, involving researchers from the fields of medicine, business, engineering, anthropology, psychology, education and public policy.

Within the school, the Center for Research Development and Scholarship (CRDS) provides a full range of services and resources for faculty and postdoctoral fellows’ projects.

Faculty Research

Our faculty are pursuing important questions in the areas of workforce, safety, work design, lymphedema, congestive heart failure, prematurity, nursing informatics, diabetes, end of life care and chronic illness to name but a few. More detailed statements of interests and current projects are available on our faculty research link.

Scholarly Practice

The Scholarly Practice Program aims to:

  1. To develop faculty in areas of sustained scholarship that result in recognition of VUSN as a center of clinical nursing excellence at national and international levels.
  2. To allow VUSN faculty an avenue to pursue scholarly practice that benefits themselves professionally while furthering the achievement of the VU strategic plan.
  3. To develop scholarly practice role models for other faculty, students and other health care providers.
  4. To conduct meaningful, effective and sustained clinical nursing projects that improve health.

VUSN views the program as a major investment in building scholarly clinical excellence. The faculty member may request support for (a) a series of clinically focused disseminations (papers, webinars, etc.) that will improve care by increasing knowledge and skill, (b) a project that develops innovative sustained clinical services or (c) some combination of these approaches. The support may include not only investment time for the faculty member but also project and dissemination support.  The Scholarly Practice Program Guidelines can be accessed through the site in the right hand column of the page.