VUSN Student Organizations

Along with a variety of student nurse organizations, there are a host of VUSN student organizations related to diversity and inclusion including:

American Assembly for Men in Nursing Affinity Group; Middle Tennessee Chapter at Vanderbilt

  • The mission of American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) is to provide a framework for nurses, as a group, to meet, to discuss and influence factors which affect men as nurses. Members of AAMN have a voice in local, state and national events that impact nursing and male nurses. The National Board of Directors, Chapter Leaders, and Committee Members are all members of the national Assembly.

For information, contact adviser Chance Allen or visit VUSN'S AAMN chapter. 

Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) Student Nurses

  • Given the nurse's position as the foremost patient advocate, VUSN APIDA Student Nurses aims to use our personal experiences as minorities within the health care system to give a voice to Asian American and Pacific Islander clients and their communities by increasing awareness of the health disparities unique to these populations. This organization will advocate for this population from a place of true understanding. Ultimately, we aim to support and enrich both the experiences of students and clients through education, open dialogue, networking, and advocacy.

For more information contact Dr. Ginny Moore or Dr. Rolanda Johnson.

Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Mentoring Program

  • To facilitate relationships between pre-specialty and specialty students with similar cultural backgrounds.   
  • To support students through participation in one-on-one interactions between mentors and mentees and involvement in academic enrichment and social events.   
  • These connections are coordinated with faculty guidance and are intended to assist students with acclimating to life at Vanderbilt and to aid in academic and social success.

For more information contact advisors Dr. Brandee Madden.

Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) PreSpecialty Affinity Group

  • The Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Pre-Specialty Affinity Group was created to support the sociocultural needs of BIPOC Pre-Specialty students. The goal of this organization is to explore the nursing and advanced practice nursing role in health care and serve as a resource for students. Our monthly lunch and learn sessions are designed to provide a space to discuss topics of interest and facilitate open dialogue and peer networking.

For more information contact advisors Dr. Brandee Madden, Professor Shaunna Parker, or Professor Taneesha Reynolds 

Black Student Nurses Affinity Group

  • The Black Student Nurses Affinity Group was founded in the 1990s by a group of VUSN African American students who felt a need for an organization that focused on the socio-cultural needs of African American nursing students. Part of its core activity includes an emphasis on mentoring of first-year nursing students by second-year students. It also hosts activities to assist students in exploring the role of advanced practiced nurses in health care and serves as a resource network for students. Each academic year culminates with BSNO sponsoring VUSN Diversity Month and Diversity Day. 

For more information, contact Dr. Jannyse Tapp or Dr. Julia Steed.

DNP Diversity Affinity Group

  • The purpose of the DNP Student Diversity Affinity Group is to foster a safe and welcoming community that is inclusive and respectful of differences for all VUSN DNP students by promoting support, setting expectations, creating resources and tools to celebrate and elevate our  professional and academic environment

Hispanic/Latinx Student Nurses Affinity Group

  • The Hispanic/Latinx Student Nurses Affinity Group inaugural meeting was held fall semester of 2018. The group focuses on the health care needs of individuals of Hispanic and Latino populations. As future advanced practice nurses, one of the missions of the group is to educate peers and faculty about the health needs, disparities and evidence-based solutions for Hispanic and Latino populations while providing networking and support for members.

For more information, contact Dr. Shelza Rivas or Mariah Ramirez .

VUSNPride Student Affinity Group

  • VUSNPride provides support for LGBTQ+ students and allies at VUSN while promoting a welcoming and inclusive culture. We facilitate education of faculty and students on LGBTQ+ issues and promote inclusion of LGBTQ+ health content in the curriculum. In addition, VUSNPride serves the LGBTQ+ community in Nashville and participates in activities that support shared initiatives.

Please contact Dr. Michael Gooch if you would like more information.