Our Mission, Vision and Values


Vanderbilt University School of Nursing advances nursing education, health equity and well-being through scientific discovery, innovation, evidence-based care and lifelong learning.   


Vanderbilt University School of Nursing will be the global leader in the transformation of health care and the nursing profession.  

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Core Values  

  • Excellence  
  • Kindness/Civility  
  • Inclusivity  
  • Integrity/Trust  

We are committed to reflecting these values every day at every level:    

V       Visionary Excellence   

  • Advancing evidence-based knowledge, a human-centric culture, inspirational leadership and purposed-filled engagement   


    • Ground-breaking research with demonstrable global impact    
    • Innovative teaching strategies    
    • Recognized experts in clinical practice   
    • Forward-looking global leadership   

U       Unconditional Kindness/Civility  

  • Cultivating consistent, respectful behavior and compassion toward others through self-awareness, personal accountability and emotional intelligence  


    • Respecting the principles of engagement agreements    
    • Showing courtesy    
    • Caring for and supporting those who are vulnerable   
    • Celebrating successes  

S        Sincere Trust/Integrity     

  • Safeguarding an environment for open dialogue and respect of diverse thoughts and experiences, anchored in a tradition of ethics, compassion and transparency   


    • Providing a safe and brave space/environment   
    • Being honest and accountable    
    • Aligning words with actions   
    • Believing that others have the best intentions   

  N       Nurturing Inclusivity  

  • Fostering an environment for diversity to thrive by removing barriers, promoting equity, valuing perspectives, respecting differences, celebrating interconnectedness and encouraging authenticity    


    • Challenging issues of privilege and systemic bias    
    • Creating engagement opportunities for all    
    • Providing an open learning environment    
    • Promoting a sense of belonging