Faculty Scholarship Program

What is the VUSN Faculty Scholarship program?

Internal funding is provided by the Dean to support a scholarly program in either the area of teaching/ learning or scholarly practice. Teaching and learning projects should focus on innovations and/or new methods in teaching. Projects focusing on scholarly practice should align with VUSN research/scholarship areas such as: acute and chronic illnesses, pregnancy outcomes, mother and infant health, and family health, innovations in practice models for implementation science, palliative care science, innovations in health technologies, cognitive health and dysfunction, and data science.

Who is eligible?

Applications are accepted from all non-tenure track full-time VUSN faculty. It is recommended that faculty complete one funded project prior to applying for another.  All funded faculty must agree to a 12 month commitment to VUSN post project completion.

What are the expected outcomes?


  • Change in clinical or teaching practice
  • Improvement initiative or clinical research project that advances faculty scholarship
  • Dissemination primarily through publications in peer reviewed journals


  • Professional meeting presentation
  • Clinical or teaching grand rounds
  • Meeting with the Office of Corporate and Foundational Relations to identify future opportunities to sustain the teaching or practice innovation
  • Serving on the Faculty Scholarship Program Project Review Committee
  • Interim and Final project reports are expected

What is the review and funding approval process?

  1. Review by Faculty Scholarship Program Review Committee
  2. VUSN Dean's Council for final approval of funding

How do I apply?

Applications are accepted online.  Items requested in the application include:

  • Abstract (30 lines of text maximum)
  • Project Purpose and Aims: Describe the purpose of your project, the problem/issue you are addressing and the specific aims of your project, and how the project aligns with VUSN priorities in the area of teaching or practice (2000 character limit)
  • Background: What is known about your topic? What is unknown? How does your project fill either a teaching/learning or scholarly practice gap? (4000 character limit)
  • Relevance/Significance: Indicate why the project is important and provide a clear link with the background section (4000 character limit)
  • Project Methods: Provide detail using the following sub-headings: (4000 character limit)
    • Design (e.g. quality improvement, teaching innovation, observational, experimental)
    • Participants/subjects
    • Sample size
    • Inclusion/exclusion criteria
    • Variable/outcomes
    • Instruments/tools/methods used to measure variable
  • Project Timeline: Include specifics about project onset, data collection duration, etc., as well as dissemination, e.g. manuscript submission, presentations and professional meetings.
    • The request may be for a period of no longer than 2 years.
  • Anticipated deliverables: Publication, presentation, other with target journal or conference
    • The primary form of dissemination should be publication.
  • Budget: Include salary and non-salary requests.
    • The program recognizes that faculty investment time, project personnel (administrative assistants, statistician), equipment, and other funds may be needed. Consider resource needs comprehensively when preparing the budget.
    • In one line per item, list each with subtotals:
      • Personnel (one line per item, list name, title, % time, justification)
      • Equipment (one line per item, description, justification)
      • Consumable supplies (one line per item, description, justification)
      • Other expenses (one line per item, description, justification)
    • Provide Budget grand total and any comments
  • Faculty applicant Biosketch
  • Primary Mentor for Project: Contact information, list other potential mentors for project
  • Key Personnel: Those individuals whose cooperation for the project is essential

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