Class of 1966

Every VUSN graduate has exciting things happening in her or his life, both professionally and personally.  Class Notes – printed twice a year in the Vanderbilt Nurse Magazine and available online on this page – is an opportunity for you to not only learn what other alumni are doing but also share news about your life.  We would love to hear what you've been up to! Please contact us with any updates, or call 615-322-4836. 

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Sharron Stewart Burch, BSN’66 , of Brandon, Mississippi, passed away September 29, 2018.

Ginger Manley, BSN’66, MSN’81, spoke at the Apron Museum's June 2019 symposium in Tishmingo, Mississippi, on "An Apron is a Document that Tells a Story and Connects Us All." She retired in September from her role as associate in psychiatry at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and was featured as a panelist for the Nashville Public Television documentary, Companionship & Intimacy: Aging Matters, which aired in December. Ginger wrote and published Proud Flesh (with a book launch and signing in March 2016 at Parnassus Book Store in Nashville), and Disarmed: An Exceptional Journey , in March 2015, which is about her 48-year marriage. 

Roy Moncrief, BSN’66, was interviewed by The Tennessean in 1970 regarding Nashville nurses being allowed to wear pants on the job. He was assistant director of nursing at Vanderbilt at the time. The quote was used by The Tennessean in August 2020 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of that innovation. (Roy passed away in 1974.)

Cindy Stone Monroe, BSN’66, and her husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June 2016. 

Anne Teutenberg Richardson, BSN’66 , of Webster Groves, Missouri, passed away September 12, 2018.

Sally Coles Yeagley, BSN’66, MSN’86, received the Alumni Award for Clinical Achievement in Nursing presented by the VUSN Alumni Association during the school’s annual awards ceremony in October 2016.