Class of 1981

Every VUSN graduate has exciting things happening in her or his life, both professionally and personally.  Class Notes – printed twice a year in the Vanderbilt Nurse Magazine and available online on this page – is an opportunity for you to not only learn what other alumni are doing but also share news about your life.  We would love to hear what you've been up to! Please contact us with any updates, or call 615-322-4836. 

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Betsy Brach, BSN’79, MSN’81, has an experiential psychotherapy practice for individuals, couples and groups in Bethesda, Maryland (2020). 

Tricia Colclazier Butner, MSN’81, is a nurse practitioner at Oklahoma Heart Hospital in Seminole (2020). 

Elizabeth Goy Damato, BSN’81, is senior research physiologist at the Naval Medical Research Unit–Dayton and associate professor at both the Case Western Reserve University School of Nursing and School of Medicine in Cleveland (2020). 

Debbie Fox-Howard, BSN’81, retired from a private practice women’s health group in New York City in 1996. She has been a staff nurse at Cornell Medical Center, head of employee health at a New York University medical center, and nurse practitioner at various abortion and family planning clinics (2018).  

Darlene Armstrong Franklin, MSN’81, was published in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. She is on faculty at the Whitson-Hester School of Nursing at Tennessee Tech University, in Cookeville (2017). 

DJ Bauer Gilfert, MSN’81 , of North Port, Florida, passed away September 17, 2019. 

Diana Donley Haller, BSN’81, is married and living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (2018).  

Alice Moffatt Howard, MSN’81 , of Memphis, Tennessee, passed away October 19, 2018.   

Pam Orebaugh Jones, BSN’81, MSN’92, DNP’13, was featured in Vanderbilt’s MyVU for a January 2021 story about her leadership of the university’s COVID-19 public health central command center. She co-authored “A Systems Approach to Addressing Covid-19 Health Inequities,” published in NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery that month. In March 2020, she was appointed to serve on the Vanderbilt University Public Health Advisory Task Force, formed as a resource during the pandemic, and spoke at two town hall meetings in July to share information about COVID-19 with faculty, staff, students and families, as well as about VUSN’s leadership in campus contact tracing and educating patients. Pam was named a Women to Watch by Nashville Medical News in May. She moderated the VUSN Alumni Board’s DNP Know Your Value event in January 2019, and was inducted as a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing that October. Pam met with Surgeon General Jerome Adams in May 2018 while he visited Vanderbilt, and received the Rebecca Culpepper Award from Vanderbilt University Medical Center the same month. She was honored as the March of Dimes Tennessee Chapter 2018 Nursing Administration Nurse of the Year. Pam received the State Advocate Award from American Association of Nurse Practitioners in 2015. 

Ginger Manley, BSN’66, MSN’81, spoke at the Apron Museum's June 2019 symposium in Tishmingo, Mississippi, on "An Apron is a Document that Tells a Story and Connects Us All." She retired in September from her role as associate in psychiatry at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and was featured as a panelist for the Nashville Public Television documentary, Companionship & Intimacy: Aging Matters, which aired in December. Ginger wrote and published Proud Flesh (with a book launch and signing in March 2016 at Parnassus Book Store in Nashville), and Disarmed: An Exceptional Journey , in March 2015, which is about her 48-year marriage. 

Kerry Meyer, MSN’81, is a nurse practitioner at the University of Washington's neighborhood clinic in Issaquah (2017).

Catherine Gamble Mezmar, MSN’81, is the nurse executive-director of nurses for the Veterans Health Administration, Texas Valley Coastal Bend facilities. Her husband, Michael Mezmar, MSN’81, is mayor pro-tem and was reelected to his fourth term in 2018 as commissioner of Harlingen, Texas. 

Anne Atkinson Moore, BSN’76, MSN’81, is director of medical affairs, women's health at Mayne Pharma. She had been senior medical science liaison for AMAG Pharmaceuticals, and Mid-Atlantic liaison with national thought leaders and various health care professionals (2020). 

Jim Pace, MSN’81, MDiv’88, became dean of nursing and health sciences at Valdosta State University in Georgia in June 2020, and was interviewed for the fall issue of FAANP Forum . He had been New York University College of Nursing’s senior associate dean for academic programs.   

Florence Roberts, MSN’81 , of Dahlonega, Georgia, passed away July 19, 2020. 

Carol Ann Braley Seeger, MSN’81 , of Oswego, New York, passed away June 1, 2020. One year prior, she started a position as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Oswego Health Behavioral Health Services.