Convert a Word Document to JPEG Images (Mac)

  NOTE: You must have the Adobe Acrobat Pro (DC) software. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader software does not contain all functionality.

This article will explain how to convert a Microsoft Word document to high resolution print-quality .JPEG/.jpg images from a Mac computer. This is useful if you are required to submit your multi-page Word document to a vendor as .JPEG images.

Step 1

Open Your Word Document

Locate and open your Word document.

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 2

Save File As

Once your Word document is open, Click the File menu and pull down to select the Save As menu item.

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 3

Save as a PDF

At the bottom of the Save As window click the pulldown button and select the PDF menu item under Export Formats.

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 4

PDF Settings

Next, click the following items:

  1. Best for Printing radio button
  2. Export button

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 5

Export from Acrobat

Once you have created the PDF, open it within Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (the free Reader version will not work). Next select the following items:

  1. File menu Item > Export To
  2. Image
  3. JPEG

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 6

Select JPEG settings

Make sure JPEG is selected and then click the Settings button.

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 7

Specify JPEG Settings Properties

To produce high resolution print-quality JPEG images from each page of your document select the options shown below in the pulldown menus and then click the OK button:

  1. Grayscale & Color: JPEG (Quality : Maximum)
  2. Resolution: 300 pixels/inch

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 8

Save the JPEG

The last step is to specify the location on your computer where you want to save the JPEG files and then click the Save button:

Mac Word to Jpg

Step 9

View Results

You will now have multiple JPEG images corresponding to the number of pages in your original Word document (In this example there were 7 pages in the Word file, thus there are 7 generated JPEG image files). You can then submit these JPEG files to your vendor/contact.

Mac Word to Jpg


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