How to Edit a Syllabus Template

This article explains how to edit the syllabus template in the course map application.

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Step 1

Check for correctness of:

  1. the semester and year
  2. the academic program, level, and specialty (if applicable)

TIP:If the information listed is incorrect, scroll up to the Course Versions section and click the edit icon:

Step 2

  1. Check the pre/co-requisites and course description for correctness.  If changes are needed, please contact the appropriate curriculum committee.
  2. Add a separate statement regarding how course builds on pre-requisite knowledge (copy and paste from another file or type directly in the form)


Step 3

Check the AACN Essentials.  If the essentials are not listed, or are listed incorrectly, please download and complete the appropriate Objectives Alignment form below, and send to the Instructional Design team.

Pre-Specialty Objectives Form

MSN Objectives Form

Nurse Midwifery Objectives Form

DNP Objectives Form

Step 4

  1. MSN courses should see the NONPF Statement, and Nurse Midwifery courses should see the the ACNM Statement.  If the ACNM statement is missing but required, please edit the course version to include Nurse Midwifery as the specialty.  (See tip in Step 1 for directions.)
  2. If applicable, check that the NONPF Competencies addressed in the course are listed correctly.  If the competencies listed are incorrect, please make the necessary edits within the HTML box.
  3. Check that any other statements needed for the course are listed and correct.  Any changes can be edited directly in the HTML box.

Step 5

Enter or edit the credit hour breakdown.  Please note that the total credits must equal the number of credits listed in the catalog.

Step 6

  1. Enter any information you want students to know regarding the course delivery, class dates/times, room numbers, etc.
  2. Enter dates for First and Last Day of class, and/or Final Exam/Course Work.  You may type the dates or use the calendar feature.

Step 7

Check that the course faculty listed are correct.  To update the course faculty listed in the syllabus, edit the Course Instructors/Coordinators section of the course version. Specific directions can be found here: How to Add Instructors to the Course Map

Step 8

Check that the course objectives listed are correct. If changes are needed, please contact the appropriate curriculum committee.

Step 9

Add or edit content for Learning Experiences, Required Learning Resources, Rules and Regulations, Attendance Policy, Policy on Late work and Incompletes, and any other Honor Code, Conduct Code, or Social Media Policy statements applicable to this course.

  NOTE: The information stated in numbers 4, 5, and 6 of the Rules and Regulations section cannot be edited.

Step 10

  1. Add or edit information for Methods of Student Evaluation
  2. Check that assignments listed in table are correct.  If changes are necessary, edit the Course Assessments section of the course version. Specific directions can be found here: How to Add Assessments to the Course Map

Step 11

Most courses will use the standard VUSN grading scale; however, if your course uses a custom grading scale, click on the toggle to cut and paste the appropriate grading scale.



Step 12

Add or edit a Topical Outline by either copying and pasting from an existing document or typing directly into the HTML box.

Step 13

When your syllabus is complete:

  1. click Save to save all changes
  2. click Print to print the file as a PDF that can be uploaded to Brightspace


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