How to Use the HTML Editor in the Course Map Application

The purpose of this article is to explain some of the key features of the HTML editor in the Course Map Application

  1. Full screen mode – This will expand the HTML to fill the screen.  Use when you are formatting/re-formatting large blocks of text.  Click again to return to normal size.
  2. Text format – Opens an additional menu of options for formatting text, including font size and color.
  3. Ordered list – Adds a variety of ordering types to a list. Click the drop-down arrow to select the order format.
  4. Unordered list – Adds bullet icons to items in a list.  Click the drop-down arrow to select they bullet type.
  5. Paragraph format – Changes the size of the selected text.  Use the normal setting to make large fonts paragraph size.
  6. Paragraph styling – Add styles to entire paragraphs
  7. Indent – Increases or decreases the amount of indentation in a line.  Use these buttons when adjusting the formatting of pasted text.

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