Using the VUSN Calendar


The VUSN Calendar is designed for faculty and staff to keep up-to-date on events, activities, meetings, block weeks, etc. that occur throughout the year. In addition, the calendar will aid those planning future meetings and/or events by keeping them informed of dates to avoid.

The calendar is housed in SharePoint (recommended view), but can be synced to your personal Outlook Calendar. The Master Calendar is made up of three calendars which may be turned off/on in your view depending on your interests:

  • VUSN Events
  • Academic Calendar
  • Admission/Alumni/Student Affairs Calendar
  • NOTE: The “All Calendars” option is not a separate It is a view of all three calendars overlaid as one.

Detailed List of What is Included on Calendar

VUSN Events (calendar manager: Sara Putnam)

  • Commencement
  • EDI Events
  • Events Hosted by Dean’s Office
  • Pinning Ceremonies
  • School Life Committee Events
  • Town Halls
  • Vanderbilt Holidays

Academic Calendar (calendar managers: Carolyn Schettler & Sara Donahoe. Contact Carolyn Schettler for changes)

  • Block schedules
  • Community Meetings
  • Dean’s Leadership Team (DLT) Meetings
  • Executive Committee Meeting
  • Important semester dates (semester start/end dates, exams, grade submission deadlines, etc)
  • MSN/DNP Curriculum Committee Meeting
  • SAAA Committee Meetings
  • Student breaks

Admissions/Alumni/Student Affairs Calendar (calendar managers: Courtney Huff- Oelberg)

  • Admitted Students Day
  • Dore to Door webinars
  • Info sessions
  • Open House
  • Orientation
  • Reunion

Contact for SharePoint questions: Megan Clancy



  • Calendar managers (listed above) will be responsible for ensuring their respective calendars are current.
  • Faculty and staff may submit events to be included on one of the calendars by clicking on the “Submit an Event”
    link on the calendar page or the VUSN Faculty Staff Intranet (SharePoint) homepage, which will go to this form. Based on the type of event, the
    submission will be routed to the appropriate calendar manager who will review and, if appropriate, add to the


Using the Calendar in SharePoint

  • Open the SharePoint Calendar: The link to the calendar is on the homepage of the VUSN Faculty Staff Intranet
    (SharePoint) site:

  • This is the view in SharePoint with all calendars on:

  • To only view one calendar, click the calendar you want to view under “Calendars in view” in the left navigation bar or along the top of the page:


Syncing the VUSN Calendar to your Outlook Calendar

Although we recommend viewing the calendar on the SharePoint site, the function does exist to add and view the calendar in Outlook instead of SharePoint; you will have to connect each of the three
calendars to your Outlook. Please note that SharePoint calendars cannot currently be synced to MacOS Outlook. If we find a solution to this, we will let you know.

NOTE: If you add an individual event to you personal Outlook calendar and the event is subsequently changed, your calendar will not We do not recommend adding individual events.

Follow these steps to link the calendars to your Outlook Calendar:

  1. Open the SharePoint Calendar:
  2. Select the calendar you want to sync (you will have to sync each one individually, it does not work to sync the “All Calendars” view (In this example, we are viewing the VUSN Events calendar)
  3. Click on “calendar” in the green box:
  4. On the toolbar that pops up, click on “Connect to Outlook”:
  5. Another window will pop up, click on “Open Outlook”
  6. In Outlook, you will get another pop up asking “Connect this SharePoint Calendar to Outlook?” Click Yes

Repeat steps 1-6 with remaining two calendars. You will now have all three calendars connected to your Outlook Use the left navigation to turn calendar views on or off:

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