PhD in Nursing Science Program

Fee Structure & Tuition

Tuition and fees are set annually by Vanderbilt University Board of Trust. Current tuition rates for graduate study are $2215* per credit. For the latest information regarding fee structure, please go to the Graduate School fees and financial support link. Additional financial information, including estimated fees and other charges, can be found at

Students who have completed the required hours and are conducting dissertation research are subject to a minimum tuition charge of $200 per semester.

*subject to change

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees, and all other charges incurred prior to or at registration are due in August for the fall semester and in January for the spring semester. Visit the Office of Student Accounts for more information: All charges incurred after classes begin are due and payable in full by the last day of the month in which they are billed. If payment is not made within that time, cancellation of student services and privileges may result.

Please refer to the Vanderbilt University Graduate School Catalog for further information about payment of tuition and fees. You may also visit the Vanderbilt University Office of Student Accounts for information regarding fees, deadlines, and how to make a payment at: