PhD in Nursing Science Program

Purpose & Philosophy


The purpose of our PhD in Nursing Science Program at Vanderbilt University is to prepare diverse scholars for research and academic careers in public or private sectors of health care. Graduates of our program serve as global leaders in advancing the discipline and practice of nursing through research, education, and health policy. 


The ultimate goal of nursing science is to improve health and health care for all individuals, families, and communities. Nursing research develops knowledge to build the scientific foundation for clinical practice, prevents disease and disability, promotes recovery from illness, and preserves and maximizes health and well-being. Our School of Nursing is committed to the educational preparation of a diverse group of nurse scholars who can lead the nation in nursing research.

Diverse Community of Scholars

Diversity is a core institutional value and priority at Vanderbilt. Our PhD in Nursing Science Program welcomes students from diverse and underrepresented groups. We are committed to foster advancement and respect for equity, diversity, and inclusion for all students, faculty, and staff. More about Diversity at Vanderbilt School of Nursing can be found here.

PhD Webinar Schedule for 2021-2022

Our webinars include information concerning overview of the PhD in Nursing Science Program, program format, application process and components and funding. View a previously recorded webinar (September 30, 2021)