PhD in Nursing Science Program

Purpose & Philospophy


The purpose of our online/distance PhD in Nursing Science Program at Vanderbilt University is to prepare scholars for research and academic careers in public or private sectors of health care. Graduates of our program serve as leaders in advancing the discipline and practice of nursing through research, education, and health policy. 


The ultimate goal of nursing science is the improvement of nursing practice through rigorous scientific inquiry related to promoting recovery from illness, preventing disease and disability, and preserving and maximizing health and well-being. Nursing has identified the concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing therapeutics as integrative foci that define nursing science as a discipline. It relies on a specific domain of knowledge that resides within practical and theoretical boundaries.

Research-focused doctoral programs promote the development of a cognitive style that emphasizes abstract thinking and critical analysis. Our School of Nursing is committed to the educational preparation of a group of nurse scholars who can lead the nation in nursing research.

PhD Webinar Schedule for 2019-2020

Our webinars include information concerning overview of the PhD in Nursing Science Program, program format, application process and components and funding. View a previously recorded webinar (September 10, 2019).