PhD in Nursing Science Program

Program Overview

Our nursing science program is a research-focused doctoral education program that grants the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. The program is designed to prepare scholars for research and academic careers in major universities and for research positions in public or private sectors of health care. All students will receive core courses related to both health services and clinical research.

Diverse faculty research interests include stress and coping, health promotion, oncology, pediatric palliative care, impact of chronic conditions on individuals and families, health psychology/behavioral medicine, life transitions, symptom management, and development of assessment tools. Health services research topics include outcomes measurement and interventions, workforce policy, and economic aspects of health care delivery. Learn more about our PhD program faculty and their programs of research.

Course work is delivered using both face-to-face and technology driven instruction with limited on-campus visits. Courses are taught using a combination of:

Students work full time with faculty mentors who guide and oversee their educational program from admission through completion of degree requirements. They engage weekly in intensive research experiences connected with faculty research projects and are exposed to a variety of research designs and analytic techniques.

Requirements for the degree include successful completion of advanced course work, qualifying examination, and dissertation. Students are only accepted for full-time study.

PhD Webinar Schedule for 2021-2022

Our webinars include information concerning overview of the PhD in Nursing Science Program, program format, application process and components and funding. The next webinar is Thursday, September 30 at 12:00 pm CST;  RSVP