Contact the YES Help Desk at or 615-343-4306 for navigation assistance. Detailed instructions on how to find your classes, add them to your Enrollment Cart, and Enroll in classes are available here

You can find detailed instructions on registering for classes in the following links:

If you are uncertain about which classes to register for, consult the curriculum plans in in the student handbook or on your specialty’s page on the VUSN website, or consult your adviser.  For courses with multiple sections, please also register for the second section – section 02, unless otherwise advised.     

Required advising and registration update (Excludes DNP students)

MSN and post-master's certificate students have an adviser approval hold that must be released by your primary faculty adviser before you can register. Your primary adviser is the first adviser listed on your YES landing page. For PreSpecialty students, this should be your PreSpecialty adviser. Add the classes you are registering for to your Enrollment Cart and notify your adviser. Once your hold is released, log back into YES and you can enroll in the classes in your cart.

Post Master's and Post Master's Plus DNP Students 

Those of you who have gone through self-service registration before are aware that, because of the specialized curriculum plans for the certificate portion, registration is a little trickier for you than the other students.  When you attempt to register, please do not be alarmed if you receive an error that you don’t have the pre-requisites to take a course; it is most likely just because of your specialized plan of study for your certificate. Send an email with your EMPLID and error information to

Location of Learning

After you’ve added a class to your enrollment cart, if you see an icon of a paper and pencil next to that class listing, you need to click on it and indicate your location of learning. Otherwise you will receive an error when you try to enroll and will have to go back to do so. This is a quick process of selecting the state in which you will be located while participating in that class. Detailed instructions on this process are available here.

Other holds

You may have other registration holds aside from the Adviser Approval hold. Please take the time to review these holds and resolve them. These can range from financial holds to clinical placement/compliance holds. YES will display the information you need for whom to contact regarding your hold.

Remember, proper registration for courses is a student responsibility and indicates intent to continue enrollment and assume financial responsibility for all tuition and fees. Take advantage of the opportunity for discussion with your adviser. He/she is a resource for you, not just for planning your course of studies, but for all academic matters.