How to Record a Video and Play it Using Kaltura Capture (New capture product)


At this point we will assume that you have installed Kaltura Capture and tried to launch it once from within Brightspace. After you have accomplished that, from now on, when you want to capture a video, just click the Kaltura Capture icon to begin.

Let’s say we want to show a website and narrate what we want the user to be able to see. They will see the website in real time and any mouse moves and clicks over the site. Do not try to show a website with full motion video as it will appear as sequenced stills.  That is the only limitation.

So first bring up the website you want to show (this can actually be any application, either a site on the internet, a cloud app, or a PC or Mac app such as Excel, or SPSS).



Position it on the screen so that there is nothing of consequence behind it.

Now launch Kaltura Capture by double clicking the icon blue icon.

Once you click it you will see this:

First click the microphone icon to select which device will be your mic. Also click the down arrow to open up the dropdown. Select the device you want to be your mic by clicking it.


Now click the video camera icon


That will be one window. Now you need to select the screen icon to decide what is going to be screen captured in the second window. By default it will select the screen you are on. If you have a multiscreen compouter, click the dropdown and you can select the screen you want.

Now you may decide you don’t want the entire screen. You would rather have just a small window. Keep in mind though that that window size stays with you for the entire capture, so make sure you select a window size large enough for the largest item you want to show. If you decide you want to capture only a smaller area of the screen click the “Select Area” radio button.


When you do so that area will appear on the screen with a dashed border. You may move the location by going into the area and dragging it around with your mouse. If you wish to change the dimensions you can select a choice in the dropdown or move your mouse over one of the corners and drag it smaller or larger. If you are satisfied with the size, click “Confirm”.

If the location is correct, you can resize the window you want to show so it fits in there. Fit it in so that the corners are over the little right angles in each corner of Capture.

NOTE: if the Capture window covers the image of what you are capturing, you may have to move the Capture window to the side to grab enough of the subject matter to resize and move it. Once your subject is sized correctly and moved, you can then move the Capture window back over it. This may take a little practice.


Make sure your Capture control area is not overlapping your capture window.

You can take the default capture settings but if you want to adjust the settings click on the Manage link.


Click the gear icon.

You can change the defaults. We recommend 720p for video, 1080p for screen and if you do not need to record audio coming from the computer leave record system audio checked to “No”.

(and then click “Save” to preserve it for future recordings):

Now you are ready to record. Click the Red record button.


You will see a 3, 2, 1 countdown clock. When it goes away, start talking and narrating. You will see a timer in the lower right corner telling you how long your video is. If you wish to kill your video and start over, just hit the X. If you want to pause (such as  gather your thoughts or suppress a cough) hit the red parallel vertical line pause button. To end the recording and prepare it for publishing, click the white square.

After clicking the white publishing square it will ask you to confirm you want to stop. Cllick “Yes Stop it.”

You will get a notification in the upper right that it has been successfully recorded and you will then see the following screen.  At this point you can retitle it (you can also retitle it within Kaltura later). You can create a description and provide tags. All of this can be redone later once in Kaltura. Click Save and Upload.


You will then see this screen. Your current video will be the top one. You will also see any other videos you created in your Kaltura Capture library (this is NOT to be confused with your My Media library. This library is ONLY for videos you have create using the  Kaltura Capture software.)

Now you might want to view the video, however, if you click the link you will see an error message.

You get this error message IF you are not currently logged into BrightSpace using your default browser.

In order to avoid this, log into BrightSpace and click My Media. You can be at the course selection window, you do not have to be in a course. You will now see the video at the top of the list.

You can edit the title, description, or tags by clicking Edit.  To view the video click on the title or little video splash screen.

You will now see the video filling the entire browser window. You can resize by enlarging the browser window. To start the video click the right white triangle in the center of the video window. If you roll  your mouse you will see some temporary appearing choices on the right. Notice that my webcam video is full screen and the computer screen is small and to the right. I can switch those by clicking the left right arrows. I

If I only want to view one screen or want the two screens split 50-50, click on the white box with the small square in it. That will bring up these three boxes

If I want the screen split 50-50 click the split icon. If you want to show the current big window full screen and eliminate what is in the smaller screen click the larger white rectangle. If you want what is in the little window to be full screen , switch it first using the right left arrow, then click the rectangle above and select the full screen larger white rectangle. If you want both windows side by side click the split rectangle.

This is the screen split 50-50.

(NOTE: any time you roll your mouse over the screen you will see the viewing choices icons appear briefly for you to select from.)


If you want the video window larger, first enlarge the browser. If you want it to be full screen without the browser frame, click the diagonal opposite facing arrows. To escape this mode, press the ESC key on your keyboard.













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