Installing Kaltura Capture (New capture utility)

Kaltura Capture allows you to record the screen and web cam video so that you can then display it to your students, typically in our CMS, BrightSpace.  You can use it to demonstrate just about anything on the screen such as websites, Excel and Word applications, and any app you want to run on your computer.  It works with both Macs and Windows computers.

The process of installing KCS is pretty easy. First you will go into BrightSpace and install it from there. The first time you run it you must be in BrightSpace. After that, it will create an icon that will allow you to launch and run it outside of BrightSpace but you will need to be in your own personal media library (accessible from BrightSpace) to view your videos. Once you create a video, it is uploaded into Kaltura and can be added to any class in BrightSpace. Students viewing your video can alternate between watching you on the webcam and the screen that has been recorded.  The viewing window can even be split so they can watch either you or the captured screen in a little window and switch between them.

So now we are going to install Kaltura Capture.

Bring up BrightSpace and go to My Media from the main screen. Click My Media.


Click Add New and then click Kaltura Capture

Download the version you want. In this case we will click Download for Windows.

Select the folder you want to download it into and click Save. You will be downloading the Kaltura msi package installer. Click Save.

Once it is downloaded you can look for it in the folder and click to launch it. If you downloaded it using Chrome you will be able to click the link to it in the lower left corner of the browser.

Click Next and let it install.

After a few clicks you will get to this screen.   Inst7

Click Finish.

Once installed, look for this icon on your screen. Go ahead and try to click it.

The first time you try to launch it, it will tell you to launch from within BrightSpace.

Go to BrightSpace and click Add New>Kaltura Capture.

Click Always open these types of files with Kaltura

After you have done this once, the next time, just click on the Kaltura Capture icon and it will take you to the capture utility bypassing the need to launch in BrightSpace.





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