FNIC Computer Lab Guide


  • FNIC - Frist Nursing Informatics Center
  • VUSN - Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

The FNIC technology department support includes (classroom, conference room and computer lab) computer, printer and phone support. 

The purpose of the following documentation is to serve as an informative reference.

Contact Information

FNIC Computer Lab
The FNIC main computer lab is located at Frist Hall Room 240 with lab attendant. 

  • Mazo Freeman
    Program Coordinator/Proctor
    Office: Frist Hall Room 240C
    Phone: 615-343-3950

FNIC Classroom Support Contacts

  • Antonio Allen - 615-343-2724 (office); 615-260-5760 (cell)
  • Scot Loerch - 615-343-5623 (office); 615-491-2547 (cell)
  • Olivia Dorris - 615-875-5634 (office); 615-879-1199 (cell)
  • Tim Groves - 615-875-9079 (office); 615-752-9912 (cell)


 Special Note: Always provide contact number(s) where you can currently be reached and a brief description of your problem/situation.


Computer Lab Schedule & Rules

Eating and drinking are not permitted in the computer labs. Users who violate lab rules may lose the privilege to use the labs.

FNIC Computer Lab Hours Schedule

Please see the updated FNIC Computer Lab PDF for the most up-to-date lab hours.

Normal Schedule Lab Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

The FNIC Computer Lab Schedule is available online via the VUSN website as follows:

  1. Access the nursing.vanderbilt.edu website
  2. From the top Resources Menu select the Calendars drop down menu
  3. Select the FNIC Computer Lab item

The FNIC Computer Lab consists of 32 (20 main lab plus 1 presentation, 3 small lab and 8 testing lab) computers. They are mainly used for normal computer functions, exams and viewing lectures.


FNIC 101

Computer Usage

Sign on FNIC computers by turning the monitor on via its right button, left-clicking the screen, left- clicking the “OK” button, then entering your VUnetID and epassword.

Sign off FNIC computers by right-clicking the “Start” button and when “Shut down or sign out” appears, select “Sign out”; then turn the monitor off via the right button.

An Applications folder is provided on the Desktop with shortcuts to commonly used VUSN applications; Although Microsoft Edge is the default browser in the FNIC Computer Lab, Google Chrome is preferred.


FNIC printing/copying/scanning requires current VUSN registration, a school photo ID, Commodore Card, VUnetID and e-Password. Each semester registered students can print/copy/scan by adding funds to their Commodore Card via the Vanderbilt Card Office. The print/copy/scan rates are as follows:

  • (6 cents/page for black & white) and (25 cents/page for color).

There are two (2) scanners with document feeders located in the FNIC; a scanner in Frist Hall Room 240 & 240CA. Additionally, the two (2) printers in Frist Hall 240 have scan capability.

FNIC Class Proctored Exams
Instructors coordinate class proctored exams with the FNIC proctor at the beginning of each semester and/or provided there is registered student(s) interest. Students should sign up for exam appointments as soon as they become available and as soon as possible resolve any scheduling conflicts encountered with the FNIC proctor.

FNIC Individual Proctored Exams

Students that want to take individual proctored exams in the FNIC Computer Lab weekdays prior to 5pm must previously contact and schedule an appointment with the FNIC proctor.

The FNIC Remote Proctor Now Exam Scheduling is available online via the VUSN home page as follows:

Access the http://www.nursing.vanderbilt.edu homepage; then from the TECH RESOURCES drop down menu, select “Support Services Directory”; then under “FNIC RESOURCES” select “REMOTE PROCTOR NOW EXAM SCHEDULING”.