FNIC Remote Proctor Now Exam Scheduling

Requirements for FNIC Remote Proctor Now exam appointment  scheduling

  1. If FNIC exam form for course(s) have been provided to me, skip to next step. If not yet provided, you’ll need to notify the course coordinator of your intent and/or need to take their exam at the FNIC to ensure that the required FNIC exam form is provided to me.
  2. To schedule a remote proctor exam appointment, stop by my office or call me while you have internet access. If I’m unavailable, always leave a contact telephone number.

Requirements for Remote Proctor NOW exam-taking at the FNIC

  1. Schedule a remote proctor NOW exam appointment;
  2. Be Remote Proctor NOW registered already;
  3. Bring an acceptable ID (i.e., driver’s license or Vanderbilt School ID); and
  4. Bring writing utensil(s).
  5. Arrive on time.

Mazo Freeman, Program Coordinator
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
Frist Nursing Informatics Center (FNIC)
459 21st Av. S – 240C Frist Hall
Nashville, TN 37240-1104