Understanding the Placement Process

VUSN is committed to our students’ clinical education needs. We have a dedicated Clinical Placement staff that administratively coordinates all students’ clinical placements. Your faculty will review all potential clinical placements to verify that both the preceptor and clinical site are appropriate for your specific program of study.  Collaboratively, these efforts ensure you receive the experiences necessary to prepare you in your specialty area. 

Due to regulatory requirements or a lack of available and appropriate preceptors, VUSN may not be able to accommodate clinical placements in all areas of the country.  Please discuss your preferences with your specialty faculty to be sure you understand all possible options.  

Clinical preceptors and/or agencies may require that you complete drug screening, fingerprinting, additional criminal background checks, or other requirements specific to that site.  Any costs associated with these processes are your responsibility.  Your Clinical Placement coordinator will notify you of any additional requirements associated with your rotation.  You are also responsible for lodging and transportation to and from all clinical facilities and field trips. 

Faculty must approve any secondary sites for your clinical experiences to ensure the sites are necessary or appropriate to your clinical objectives. The number of sites and contracts will be limited per student.  Due to the large number of placements each term, the faculty reviews requests for rotations for a minimal number of hours (typically less than 80) on a case-by-case basis. If approved, then the Clinical Placement team begins the contract process.

You may not begin your clinical rotations until you have met all the site requirements and have received confirmation from your faculty and the Clinical Placement office that you are cleared to start.