Current MSN/Post Master's Certificate/DNP Student Requirements

Disclosure of offenses post-background check completion

Current full & part-time VUSN students are required to immediately report to their Faculty Advisor and the Senior Associate Dean for Academics any arrest, criminal charge or conviction occurring after his or her background check has been completed.

Required disclosure also includes but is not limited to: allegations, investigations and/or disciplinary action from any licensing board or agency included under the Nationwide Healthcare Fraud and Abuse scan;Office of Inspector General (OIG) , General Services Administration (GSA) , FDA Debarment Check, Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) , Office of Research Integrity (ORI) , and Medicare and Medicaid Sanctions

Background Check Required for Readmission

Students returning from a break in enrollment must complete a new background check prior to registration.  Contact the Compliance Office at (615) 343-3294 or for more information.  

A new background check is not required from students returning from a VUSN approved deferment or LOA. However, returning students must submit up-to-date documentation to their Exxat or myCB, VUSN Compliance Portal requirements prior to registration.

Maintaining Health Insurance, TB Testing, Annual Flu Vaccination, Training, Licensing and Certification Requirements

While enrolled, continuing full and part-time, MN, MSN, Post-Master’s Certificate, and DNP students are required to update the following date-dependent documentation in their VUSN Compliance Portal by each requirement’s Due/Renewal Date. Students maintaining the Exxat compliance portal have an annual $35 fee.

Please note: Students who fail to maintain their VUSN Compliance Portal requirements with up-to-date documentation will not be allowed to begin/continue clinical course work and/or register for additional courses.

VUSN Requirements to Maintain for Registration

  1. All students are required to have current health insurance coverage either through the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or by another policy while enrolled (monthly issued insurance is not acceptable). Clinical sites require students to have health insurance to cover any illness or injury that they may incur during the clinical training experience.

    Students who wish to be covered by a personal policy must complete a waiver EACH YEAR to decline the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) by January 1 for spring admits and August 1 for fall, Maymester and summer admits by submitting proof of coverage at If a waiver is not completed by the appropriate date, the student is automatically billed and enrolled in the SHIP.  Students must maintain current documentation of health insurance coverage through their VUSN Compliance Portal. Documentation of the University’s SHIP can be pulled each academic year, the first week of August at Students who change providers during enrollment must provide current documentation of their coverage by contacting the VUSN Compliance Officer at: or call (615) 343-3294.
  2. Annual tuberculin skin test (PPD) or blood test (IGRA= QFT-Plus, QFT-GIT and T-Spot). If the student has been consecutively enrolled and a clear chest x-ray was submitted to their VUSN Compliance Portal in the year(s) prior, complete the Annual Post-Chest X-ray TB Questionnaire, to confirm the absence of symptoms (healthcare provider signature required).
    1. If test is positive, medical evaluation and documentation of a clear chest x-ray (lab report OR physician verification of results required). If there is evidence of a positive chest x-ray and/or symptoms of TB, the student must notify their Program Director and follow up with a medical evaluation and if needed, treatment.
  3. A Current  American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS)  certification is required by all entry levels and specialties AHA is the   only   BLS card accepted.  Find a Course. Local Providers . Additional Specialty Requirements:   Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) requires the AHA ACLS card.  Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) requires the AHA PALS & ACLS cards and an Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) - OR - Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) - OR -  Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses (ATCN) certification.  Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) requires  a  Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) card. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner- Acute Care (PNPAC) requires an AHA PALS card. Other specialties may require additional certifications at specific stages of enrollment  
  4. VUSN HIPAA & OSHA Safety Training: Annual online training to be completed in August for the coming academic year (AY). Training is offered through the   BrightSpace   platform - requires active VUnetID & password.   Complete the VUSN Orientation before selecting   VUSN HIPAA/OSHA training   from the Content menu. Complete quiz for the correct academic year under Assessments and Quizzes.  Print/Save PDF or JPG of completion certificate by navigating to Quiz Submissions –VUSN HIPAA/OSHA Training and selecting the  Attempt #  with a score of 80% or greater. Submit printed/saved proof of completion webpage (showing Completion Date & Attempt Score  of at least 80%) to the  HIPAA/OSHA requirement in your  VUSN Compliance Portal. Attempt Scores of lower than 80% can start again by navigating to Content . The quiz can be repeated unlimited times and the most recent score will be saved. Contact:  lisa.boyer@Vanderbilt.Edu  for assistance with quiz submission. Contact:   timothy.groves@Vanderbilt.Edu   if HIPAA/OSHA training is unavailable under   Content   in   BrightSpace .
  5. Copy of an unencumbered  Registered Nurse’s license  in the state(s) where the student will be doing clinical training (if applicable). In addition, DNP students must have Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) designation in their home state or equivalent and national board certification in their area of specialty as appropriate. 
  6. Influenza: Annual flu vaccination is required or student must obtain an approved exemption through Vanderbilt University’s Student Health Center by submitting a request by October 1st, prior to each flu season at: Medical provider documentation of a contraindication to the seasonal influenza vaccine is required for exemption approval. (Note: Minor side effects, such as low-grade fever, cold symptoms, or muscle aches, are not considered a medical contraindication to the influenza vaccine.). In addition, students unable to receive an annual flu vaccination must also obtain an approved exemption (per site specifications) prior to placement at each clinical, observation, volunteer or project site.

Clearing the Nursing Requirement Hold for Registration

The continuing student must maintain up-to-date documentation through their VUSN Compliance Portal (Exxat or myCB) by submitting the documentation specified under each requirement’s drop-down. The readmitted student must have satisfactory completion of a new background check in addition to maintaining up-to-date documentation through their VUSN Compliance Portal

The VUSN Requirements Hold in Your Enrollment Services (YES) account is automatically cleared (allow 10-business days) when the student’s VUSN Compliance Portal requirements show as ‘Approved’ or ‘Complete’. 

Additional Clinical Site Requirements and Restrictions

Additional immunizations, titers, TB testing, drug screening, and/or additional background checks may be required by some clinical, observation and project sites. Once enrolled, the student may complete immunizations, titers and TB testing at Student Health. A student who plans to use Student Health should call (615) 322-2427 to schedule an appointment. The student should bring a copy of their VU Nursing Health Questionnaire form and any required documentation to the appointment. Students are responsible for all charges incurred in order to meet clinical site requirements.

Due to certain restrictions, VUSN is not able to accommodate clinical placements in all locations.


Students are responsible for the costs of tests, treatment, and follow-up care for any accidents, injury, or illnesses that occur while enrolled as students at VUSN. Students are not entitled to worker’s compensation benefits.