AAMN Recognition

Strategic Plan for Diversity

Overarching Goal

To transform diversity and inclusion within VUSN by enhancing the cultural climate across Academics, Faculty Practice, Research, and Informatics among faculty, staff, and students. 

1. Monitor and enhance the cultural climate of VUSN for all faculty, staff, and students (Cultural Climate).

Objective: To improve and maintain VUSN’s cultural climate.

    • Measure the culture climate within VUSN every 2 years.
    • Implement and coordinate targeted educational offerings for faculty, staff, and students.
    • Develop targeted inclusivity resources within VUSN

2. Increase the diversity and inclusivity of faculty, staff, and students (Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion).

Objective 1: To increase and retain the number of Underrepresented Populations (UP) and male students annually by 2%.

    • Develop and implement targeted strategies to recruit and retain underrepresented populations and male students.
    • Admit a diverse class of students (representative of the diversity statement) annually.

Objective 2: To increase and retain the number of UP and male faculty and staff annually by 2% according to available full-time positions.

    • Develop and implement targeted strategies to recruit and retain faculty and staff from underrepresented populations.

3.Progression of faculty’s competencies in cultural awareness, anti-racism, and civility, which will lead to the development of more appropriate teaching and evaluation methods (Education Instruction).

Objective 1: To obtain a minimum of 85% of faculty and staff attendance at education offerings and trainings.

    • Evaluate the number and names of faculty and staff engaging in educational offerings (external and internal).

Objective 2: To improve or enhance the component of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the curriculum across all programs.

    • Evaluate the curricular threads of equity, diversity, and inclusion across all programs.
    • Develop recommendations to enhance curricular equity, diversity, and inclusion.

4.Continuous progression toward creating a more inclusive environment within VUSN which will lead to an increased sense of belonging.

Objective 1: To promote and enhance feelings of sense of belonging among faculty, staff, and students.

    • Evaluate sense of belonging every other year.
    • Review other VUSN surveys for sense of belonging indicators.

Objective 2: To assess practices and policies which may promote inequities.

    • Assess and explore barriers to inclusion within VUSN