AAMN Recognition

Networking and Mentorship

Creation of LinkedIn Group

We started a LinkedIn group for current VUSN male students and alumni to connect, network, and share information regarding opportunities and education in the nursing profession. 

VUSN Alumni Mentoring Program

  • A pilot program created by the VUSN Alumni office pairs current students with VUSN alumni to connect and form a mentor/mentee relationship.
  • The goal is to help students learn from experienced providers and help best navigate their early careers.
  • There are currently 3 male mentees in the first round of the pilot program, and 10 men interested in being mentors/mentees in the next round. 

Alumni Mentoring Program

Mentees Specialty Mentors
2 ENM 3
- ENP 2
5 FNP 4
3 PNP-PC 2
4 WHNP 6

Interesting facts about mentors 

  • Mentors graduated between 1977 and 2018.
  • One is also a mentor at Stanford.
  • One is an author of a Programmed Learning Course entitled “Diabetes in Children.”
  • Many mentors are active in Community Health, Public Health, and Family Planning.
  • One has a BA in Women and Gender Studies with a concentration in African-American Diaspora studies.
  • Several work in ICU, cardiology, or women’s health settings.
  • One focuses on weight bias, maternal child health, and health equity.
  • One studies sleep medicine and is planning their dissertation in sleep and pediatric oncology.

Interesting facts about mentees

  • Mentees expect to graduate before August 2023.
  • Several are interested in trauma, primary care, women’s health, or community and global health.
  • One is a former Army medical officer with a master’s in health care administration with a focus on health systems and medical tourism.
  • Several would like to work with the LGBTQ+ communities or Hispanic communities.