AAMN Recognition

American Association for Men in Nursing - Recognition for Best Schools

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (VUSN), founded in 1908, has a distinguished history of Dean leadership.

One of VUSNs most recognized Deans is Luther Christman, PhD, RN. Appointed in 1967, Dr. Christman was the first male dean of a school of nursing in the United States. Dean Christman's contributions to ensuring that nurses are well-educated and receive the respect they deserve are legendary.

Former VUSN Dean Luther Christman

To that end, in 1974 Dean Christman founded the National Male Nurses Association, which evolved into the American Assembly of Men in Nursing.

The Eskind Biomedical Library at Vanderbilt University is the repository of Dean Christman's personal papers, correspondence, and photographs from 1967 to 1972. These preserved historical papers and personal memoirs will long inform the scholarship of historians.

In the spirit of Dean Christman's legacy, VUSN students, faculty, staff, and leadership have upheld a nursing program that sets the foundation for men, and all students, to develop and sustain successful career trajectories in nursing practice, research, and education.

This report provides evidence of VUSN's longstanding and strong commitment to helping men enter the nursing program and succeed in nursing school.