Special (non-degree) Students

At Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, special students are those enrolled in one or more non-clinical courses who have not been admitted as a degree- or certificate-seeking student. A lifetime limit of 7 credit hours is permitted in this status. Successful completion of courses taken as a special student does not guarantee future admission to any degree or post-master’s certificate program.

To be considered as a special student, an applicant must submit a completed application form with transcripts and the non-refundable application fee at least two weeks before the beginning of classes. Acceptance into a course is dependent upon availability of space and facilities after full-time and part-time degree- and certificate-seeking students have been registered.

Registration as a special student requires approval by the Registrar. All University and School of Nursing

regulations, including the Honor System, apply to special students. Special students who seek admission as a degree- or certificate-seeking student must make application for admission following regular procedures. Special student status is not meant to imply or guarantee admission to the School of Nursing.


  • Complete the online application for admission. Visit https://apply.vanderbilt.edu/.
  • Call the Admissions Office at (615) 322-3800 or 1-888-333-9192 if you have questions.
  • Send all official transcripts to the Center for Data Management, Vanderbilt University, PMB 407833, 2301 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, Tennessee 37240-7833.
  • Request the course(s) you wish to take in the application. The Registrar’s office will place you in your course(s) and send you a confirmation by email. You may call the Registrar’s office at (615) 343-3411 if you have any questions regarding registration.
  • See the enclosed fact sheet for information regarding computers, health insurance, student identification and parking.

About Costs

  • Courses at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing are $1,642 per credit hour. Multiply $1,642 by the number of hours to compute the tuition charge.
  • All special students must pay a one-time university transcript fee of $100. In addition, all students must pay a $3,650/year health insurance fee if unable to present evidence of personal insurance to the Office of Student Accounts. If you have your own health insurance, please refer to the Special Student Fact Sheet for details regarding health insurance fee waiver.
  • Special students will be charged a Student Service Fees of $250.00 for the fall and spring semesters and $85 for the summer semester. The Student Service Fees cannot be waived.
  • Special students are not eligible for federal financial aid.