Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Amy Coggin, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP-C

Amy Coggin
  • Committee Chair Name & Credentials:
    Terri Allison, DNP, ACNP-BC, FAANP


DNP Project Abstract

Improving Quality of Life in Adult Dialysis Patients Through a NP-led Virtual Support Group

Poor quality of life (QOL) in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) on hemodialysis (HD) leads to missed treatments and increased hospitalizations, morbidity, and mortality. This quality improvement project aimed to assess if a virtual support group (VSG) improves QOL for patients on HD. Improving Kidney Disease Quality of Life (KDQOL) Physical Component Survey (PCS) and Mental Component Survey (MCS) scores by 1 point can reduce relative risk of hospitalization/mortality by 2%.

Nine patients from a Vermont dialysis unit were identified via retrospective chart review and invited to participate in the VSG. All were on dialysis greater than 6 months and had completed a KDQOL in the previous year. Four patients chose to participate and were provided VSG meeting information.

Descriptive statistics was used to compare pre- and post-implementation PCS/MCS scores. The MCS score increased 5.9 points in 33.3% of participants (n=3). The PCS scores were unimproved in the 3 participants that completed the post-intervention KDQOL.

Implications for Practice
The aim of improving KDQOL PCS and/or MCS scores by 1-point in 25% of participants was achieved notwithstanding the small sample size and connectivity challenges. Fully assessing the impact on hospitalization rates was precluded by the brevity of the implementation period.