Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

2011 DNP Scholarly Projects

Projects    [PDF]

Poster Presentations:

  • Amy Julia Culbertson, "Provider’s Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Adult Immunizations"   [view]
  • Deborah Ann Currey, "Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention: An Analysis of Controlled Substance Consent Forms/Agreements"   [view]
  • Julianne Zehnder Ewen, "Evaluating Patients With Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Evidence-Based Protocol"   [view]
  • Greta L. Fowinkle, "Evaluation of Selected Components of a Comprehensive Care Model in Pediatric Primary Care."   [view]
  • Kim K. Kuebler, "Comparing Perceived Knowledge of Chronic Disease Management to Quantitative Knowledge Measurement in a Sample of Baccalaureate Nursing Students: Implications for Palliative Care Nursing Education"   [view]
  • Robin Denise Schier, "Barriers and Facilitators of All-Terrain Vehicle Education and Safety Training for Youth Under 16 Years of Age"   [view]