Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Ersan Capan, DNP, RN, BSN

Ersan Capan
  • Committee Chair Name & Credentials:
    Ty Williams, DNP, RN, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC, CNE


DNP Project Abstract

Surge Staffing Education and Cross-Training in a Hospital Setting

The purpose of this project was to develop emergency department (ED) and ICU nurse core competency education and assessment to increase the number of clinic and operating room (OR) nurses trained within the hospital system to support a standardized tiered staffing model.

The curriculum is based on ED and ICU nurse core competencies. It includes pharmacology, hemodynamics, central lines, invasive blood pressure devices, arterial and venous blood gas interpretation, primary and secondary assessments, ventilator settings and troubleshooting, and end-tidal CO2 monitoring. The program’s success will be measured through subjective and objective pre- and post-testing. A formative assessment via a 20-minute, structured, high-fidelity simulation will occur at the end of the class day. The scenario will be a decompensated septic patient arriving via ambulance to the ED. An in-person, pre-, and post-test will provide a summative assessment of participant confidence in fundamental critical care knowledge.

Results are this education and training program demonstrates an increase in participants’ subjective confidence and objective knowledge in ED and ICU core nursing competencies.

Implications for Practice
As nursing shortages and burnout plague the United States healthcare system, broadening the pool of available nursing staff can improve patient outcomes and staff morale and enhance the flexibility of hospital response to an increased patient volume and acuity. Additionally, cross-training broadens nurses’ skill sets, enhances staff diversity, and promotes interdepartmental relationships.