Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Chad Andrews, DNP, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Chad Andrews
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    Natasha McClure, DNP, PNP-BC
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DNP Project Abstract

Processes and Nursing Efficiency

The purpose of this DNP quality improvement project was to design a process flow map for phone call management by nursing staff at PCHS and assess their perception of the new process to provide recommendations to stakeholders for future policy development at a rural nonprofit community health center.

This project involved the development of a nursing action team (NAT) consisting of two registered nurses and two nurse aids to gain collaborative input on a process flow map designed to streamline call management by nursing staff. A post product development analysis was used to observe the NATs collaborative input.

Descriptive statistics were calculated to delineate data derived from questionnaires completed privately by individual members of the NAT. The team unanimously agrees the process flow map will make patient care more efficient, increase nursing role satisfaction and improve efficiency of the process. Data suggest respondents perceived decreased errors and increased patient connection with appropriate care in 75% of responses. All respondents agreed the flow map will increase nursing satisfaction and half provided exemplars.

Implications for Practice
Nurses are the frontline of healthcare. With the nursing shortage and increasing healthcare demand well documented, efficiency must increase. Nurses must take a vital role in the development of policies that will increase efficiency. The outcome of this project demonstrates the utility of nurses using LEAN methodology in the development of policy.