Student Tech Support for Remote Proctor

Please read this entire page before contacting anyone for support related to Brightspace testing and Remote Proctor from Software Secure.

If you are having problems acquiring, installing, enrolling, or using Remote Proctor for a VUSN exam, please contact the 24/7 toll-free Software Secure technical support line at 1-855-436-2031 or by clicking the following link for the online help:

You will be able to:

  1. Search the Knowledge Base (KB) to find the answer to your question
  2. Open a web-ticket that will be answered by Software Secure technical support.

If you get an error similar to "Exam is not registered within the Remote Proctor System," you need to contact your instructor or your instructor’s education coordinator to ensure that the exam is properly registered before you and other students take it using Remote Proctor.

 If you have any other Brightspace issues once you are inside the exam, such as being disconnected from either the Internet or Brightspace, please contact your instructor first.

For general problems or issues you may have with Brightspace (e.g., you cannot log in, you cannot find the list of your courses, content displays improperly or not at all), contact VUSN technology support for Blackboard:

  • Tim Groves: 615-875-9069; Cell: 615-752-9912

  NOTE: If you have started a support ticket with Software Secure and your issue is not resolved
in a reasonable amount of time, please email Tim Groves at timothy.groves@Vanderbilt.Edu.
He needs to know: 1) the nature of your Remote Proctor problem, 2) where you are in the troubleshooting process, and 3) your support ticket number.