DNP Project Matching


The DNP project matching initiative matches DNP students with stakeholders. The initiative provides the opportunity for new, expanded, or extended practice improvement projects. Students benefit from collaborative opportunities with stakeholders and interprofessional teams.  

dnp project matching process




Ty Williams, Karen Hande, Ruth Kleinpell, Linking Process Improvement with DNP Projects: Strategies to Advance Clinical Leadership Initiatives, Nurse Leader, Volume 20, Issue 5, 2022, 444-450, ISSN 1541-4612,

Student Benefits

  • Seasoned project stakeholder experience
  • Networking opportunities for professional development
  • Exposure to different practice, leadership, and organizational settings
  • Possibility for publication collaboration

Community Partner Benefits

  • Alignment with a world class/top-tier nursing school
  • Structured project timeline to meet expectations and deliverables
  • Projects are designed to align with organizational needs
  • Expert resources available to analyze data and make work products aesthetically pleasing

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Student Topic

Aghili, Nelly

National APRN Survey results – focus on state of California

Boyce, Delaney

APRN Preceptor Program Evaluation

Bucco, Breanna

Assessment of benefits of live coach training for Talk With Me Baby Program

Curwen, Jenny

Program Evaluation of Peer Mentoring/Training for Labor Positioning Techniques:

Dowling, Mary

Factors influencing registered nurses’ adoption of video monitoring to improve patient safety.

Guy, Danielle

Evaluation of APRN float pool - 5/28: narrowed the project to evaluating self efficacy of critical care APRNs working in float pool compared to dedicated critical care units

Hirschfield, Hannah

Evaluating factors related to patient engagement with Discharge Care Center

Kleinhans, Alicia

National APRN Survey results - focus on state of Texas

Kollross, Wendy

National critical care survey of critical care providers related to COVID-19 (SCCM)

Lucid, Catherine

Improving interview skills of newly graduated nurses applying to the nurse residency program and increasing diversity of candidates

Mehochko, Hannah

Impact of maternity bundles (lactation consultation and postpartum outcomes)

Minchin, Elisa

Communication liaison - liaison perspectives

Moore, Thomasena

Recommendations/guidelines to evaluate EHR optimization efforts
(working on publication for Journal of Nursing Informatics)

Myers, Mallory

Examining data points that EPIC has provided on a quarterly basis to see trends over time since the go live on Nov 2 2017

Najarian, Erin

National APRN Survey results – focus on state of North Carolina

O’Briant, Deborah

Assessing impact of VUMC therapeutic music intervention at VUMC – musician perspectives

Pearson, Melissa

Assessing impact of VUMC therapeutic music intervention  at VUMC– clinician perspectives

Ray, Sofia

Communication liaison - clinician perspectives

Robb, Violet

Vanderbilt Opioid Management and Stewardship project

Sorenson, Nichole

Assessing caregiver burden in hospital at home

Stoltz, Isabell

Evaluation of Leadership Excellence in Advanced Practice (LEAP) program (OAP)

Taylor, Davonia

Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on APRN practice in Tennessee

Uphold, Cassen

National APRN Survey  results- focus on state of  Louisiana

Venable, Chuck 

Evaluation of family education wall map in the ICU

Williams, Corey

National APRN Survey results – focus on state of Illinois




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