Collaborative Academic Practice (CAP) Program

The CAP Program

The CAP program is a grant-funded for program for Vanderbilt FNP, NM/FNP, and AGPCNP students who have an interest in care of rural and medically underserved communities. Students participate during the spring (and summer) semesters of their specialty year. The program is comprised of curriculum enhancements that include additional educational content and learning activities, as well as longitudinal clinical experiences with community partners specializing in care of the underserved. 



Increase the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) primary care workforce in rural and underserved communities through partnerships with statewide health agencies.


  • Place trainees at a partner site specializing in the care of underserved communities in rural and urban settings.
  • Assign trainees to one site where they will complete the majority of their clinical hours.
  • Foster opportunities for employment in underserved communities post graduation.


Components of Program

  • Longitudinal clinical experience at a rural or underserved clinic
    • Minimum of 420 hours in a CAP approved site.
  • Educational content and learning experiences
    • Social determinants of health
    • Behavioral Health
  • Comprehensive simulated experience

Student components

3-6 month clinical immersion, educational experiences focusing on behavioral health and social determinants of health, and a comprehensive simulated experience.





CAP Team 

Jannyse Tapp

Dr. Jannyse Tapp

Project Director

Shannon Cole

Dr. Shannon Cole

Program Coordinator

Christian Ketel

Dr. Christian Ketel

Program Evaluator

Mary Lauren Pfeiffer

Dr. Mary Lauren Pfeiffer

FNP Faculty

Rose Vick

Dr. Rose Vick

PMHNP Faculty

Virginia Gardner

Dr. Virginia Gardner

PMHNP Faculty