Benefits of Precepting


There are many reasons to precept. It’s an opportunity to teach and mentor your future colleagues, and it’s a way to give back to your profession. Often preceptors find that their own knowledge, skills and attitudes are enhanced through the precepting process. Precepting is also a way to enhance your practice and professional growth, and it can be a strong addition to your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Specific benefits for precepting for Vanderbilt University School of Nursing include:

  • Access to free continuing education hours
  • Professional relationships with faculty
  • Access to online clinical materials
  • Ability to apply for adjunct faculty status and receive a host of courtesy benefits


Adjunct Faculty Status

To show our appreciation for the contribution our preceptors make to the clinical education of Vanderbilt Advanced Practice Nursing students, we would like to extend Adjunct Faculty status to those interested in having a courtesy appointment at Vanderbilt School of Nursing. Once a provider has precepted a student, the provider is eligible to request an Adjoint or Adjunct Faculty appointment. If you are interested in requesting an appointment, please submit an Adjunct Application form to with the following:  

  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter of interest
  • Two professional letters of reference


Courtesy Benefits of Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Vanderbilt University Identification Badge
You must have a Vanderbilt University ID badge to physically visit an on-campus Vanderbilt University library. You can access trade/research journals, special collections and/or check out books at Eskind Biomedical, Heard Central, Divinity, Peabody and Science & Engineering, as well as other VU libraries. For more information click here.

Vanderbilt University Campus Libraries
To physically visit an on-campus Vanderbilt University library, a Vanderbilt University ID badge must be obtained. You must swipe your ID badge upon entering any of the library buildings to gain access. Some of the libraries that will allow you to access trade/research journals, special collections and/or check out books include: Eskind Biomedical, Heard Central, Divinity, Peabody, and Science & Engineering. For more information click here

Vanderbilt University Electronic Libraries
As an Adjoint or Adjunct faculty member of the Vanderbilt School of Nursing, you are eligible for a VUnetID. Obtaining a VUnetID enables you to have a Vanderbilt email account and to gain access to almost all Vanderbilt libraries’ online resources through VUNet, Vanderbilt’s network that includes health collections, journals and eResources as well as works of fiction and non-fiction from the Central Library’s collection.

  • Vmail is the University’s email service:
  • The Annette & Irwin Eskind Biomedical Library (EBL) is part of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Informatics Center, serving as the hub of the Medical Center’s information services and resources. With a staff of over 40, the EBL provides access to materials to support the patient care, health care education and biomedical research missions of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.    

Process for Obtaining a VUnetID
Please contact Alison Smith via email at to request your VUnetID. Once your request has been made, Alison will contact the IT department and they will send you an invitation email from to complete the process. Click on the link in the email, fill out the form, and follow the instructions to activate your VUnet ID. Once activated, you may go to the VU web mail to get your email. For ongoing security purposes, please note that you must change your password once a year to maintain your account. Failure to do so will result in account termination.

Education and Other Benefits at Vanderbilt School of Nursing

VUSN Courses
You accrue one half (1/2) credit hour of tuition for Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (VUSN) courses for every semester that you actively serve as a preceptor (up to a maximum of 3 credit hours). You may accumulate this benefit for up to five (5) years.

VUSN Course Audit
Audit of VUSN courses without cost is allowed with permission from the course faculty and on a space available basis. A course schedule can be requested from the University Registrar’s office by calling 615-322-3802. Since there is no record kept of your attendance and performance in the course, CEUs cannot be granted for courses audited.

Use of Meeting Space
For preceptors who live in or near Nashville, you can access Vanderbilt School of Nursing facilities. We will waive rental fees in Godchaux Hall, Frist Hall, the Nursing Annex and the School of Nursing Building. If you wish to schedule a meeting or workshop in one of these buildings, please call 615-322-4400. Be sure to identify yourself as Adjoint or Adjunct Faculty actively involved in School of Nursing activities during the current semester. Fees for security, media assistance and clean-up will be assessed for events scheduled after regular business hours.

Books and Merchandise
The campus bookstore (previously Barnes and Noble at Vanderbilt) is now Vanderbilt Bookstore, 2501 West End Avenue (across from Centennial Park), phone 615-343-2665. Receive 10% off all merchandise by presenting your Vanderbilt ID badge.

Discount Programs
Human Resource Services coordinates the Faculty/Staff Discount Program. Unless noted, the discount can be obtained by presenting your Vanderbilt ID badge at the time of purchase. For a list of participating businesses, click here. You must have a VUnetID and ePassword to access this site. You can direct questions about this program to the Human Resource Services: Employee Service Center at 615-343-7000.

Complete the Adjunct Faculty application

Colleen Jones

Katherine W. Jones
ENP Preceptor of the Year 2021

I precept because I love to teach and I want to make a difference in medicine. We need good providers, and I would like to think I can contribute to that.” 

Why Precept?