Why I Precept


I precept because the only way to grow is to teach. I enjoy contributing to the personal and professional growth of my students each year.” – Aubrey Austin, WHGRNP Preceptor of the Year 2021

I precept because I love to teach and I want to make a difference in medicine. We need good providers, and I would like to think I can contribute to that.” – Katherine W. Jones, MD, ENP Preceptor of the Year 2021

I precept to keep the NNP quality of care strong and ensure that NICU babies everywhere benefit from high quality and compassionate care. Collaborating with future colleagues during their clinical time is one of my greatest joys as a NNP.” – Kolleen Amon, NNP Preceptor of the Year 2021

I love to precept nursing students and new leaders and share all that I have learned as a leader.”—Lindsay Miller, RN, Nursing Health Care Leadership Preceptor of the Year 2021