Fall 2011 Category

Christine Shih’s Reading List

October 19, 2011

For a true picture of the Borderline personality Lady Susan Jane Austen Mansfield Park Jane Austen Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte The Custom of the Country Edith Wharton Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll Jane of Lantern Hill L.M. Montgomery The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath Till We Have Faces C.S. Lewis Look Homeward,…

Above and Beyond

October 19, 2011

Doctorally-Prepared Nurses Making an Impact Anyone in the world of nursing knows it is a continuously evolving profession.  As patient needs become more complex and health care reform overhauls take shape, who in the profession will lead the way?  Many believe the answer is:  doctorally-prepared nurses. The problem is that fewer than 1 percent of…

VUSN Breaks Records

October 19, 2011

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing welcomed its largest class ever – 486 students who are pursuing master’s, Doctor of Nurse Practice or PhD degrees. The incoming class of master’s students includes 254 students with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees who are pursuing their masters in the science of Nursing degrees and 155 non-nurses who are participating…

JHS Awards Scholarship

October 19, 2011

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing’s Julia Hereford Society held its summer event at the home of Bob and Bette Sue McNeilly in June to honor this year’s JHS scholarship recipient, Amanda Rich Almond, and celebrate the group’s efforts in easing the financial burden of nursing students. The society recognizes donors to VUSN, and was named…

New system makes it easier for patients to monitor lymphedema

October 19, 2011

Without a way to effectively monitor and measure swelling in limbs, breast cancer patients with lymphedema can have difficulty with self-care and knowing when to seek treatment. Vanderbilt University School of Nursing’s Sheila Ridner, PhD, RN, and her team hope to change that with a new study that could lead to objective measuring at home…

VUSN Memorabilia on Display

October 19, 2011

Thanks to the generosity of VUSN alumni who sent in items to the School, some of VUSN’s historical memorabilia is now on display in the School’s Atrium and items will be rotated throughout the year.  The first complete display features a cadet uniform of Elizabeth White Cleino, BSN ‘44.  The red epaulets and cadet patch…