Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Post-Master's Opportunity for FNPs

This experience has given me so many new experiences and skills. Prior to starting, I had little experience suturing, much less experience with the more advanced skills we have learned. So, the largest impact on my practice is my expanded repertoire of skills. I'm grateful to have attended such a hands-on university." 
— Post-Master's Certificate student, 2018

Vanderbilt School of Nursing offers a 2 semester, distance-friendly Post-Master’s option for certified Family Nurse Practitioner applicants desiring specialty knowledge in emergency care. 

The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board now offers an Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP-C) certification for FNPs. This program provides you the focused didactic and clinical knowledge to safely care for patients across the life span in emergency care settings, and prepares graduates for specialty practice and certification. Additional information on the exam is available online

What about clinical rotations?
Clinicals are done in your home area, and include 210 hours each semester in an Emergency Department. For those employed in an ED setting, you may do the rotations at that site pending contracts and hospital approval (Note: Hours worked as a paid employee/independent contractor cannot count as student hours).

What about required campus intensives?
Recognizing that you are a working student, required campus visits are minimal. There are 2 short blocks in the fall semester, and 2 in the spring. Time on campus is spent learning skills and participating in cadaver labs and simulations.

What’s the Cost?
View financial aid and contact information at VUSN.

How do I apply?
You will need 3 references and past transcripts. Applications are available at https://apply.vanderbilt.edu/apply

New Webinar

Interested in learning more about the Post-Master's Option for FNPs? Watch a previously-recorded webinar (August 2018), which:

  • Describes the program in detail
  • Explains the application requirements
  • Provides tips for preparing a competitive application

Post-Masters Option for FNPs in Emergency Care Curriculum 


Course Hours Clinical Hours
Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound 2  
Pathophysiology and Collaborative Management in Emergent and Critical Care 3  
Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care Clinical I 3 210
Total Semester Hours 8


Course Hours Clinical Hours
Concepts in Advanced Emergency Nursing 3 14
Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care Clinical II 3 210
Total Semester Hours 6