ASN to MSN entry for ASN and Diploma Graduates

Do you have a goal of expanding your career potential by earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree and becoming an advanced practice nurse? Vanderbilt offers a flexible, accelerated RN PreSpecialty program that helps you reach your goals within two calendar years.
Through our modified class schedules and distributed course delivery formats, you can learn from where you live without relocating or giving up your employment.

Admission Requirements

The best ways to learn about the Vanderbilt School of Nursing Admissions process and requirements are to join us for Open House in October or March or attend one of the weekly MSN information sessions. Information Sessions are on Tuesdays from 10-11am and on Fridays from 10-11am. Please register now if you are interested in attending an information session. You can get started by visiting Admissions Requirements on our website to learn more.

Prerequisite Courses

78 semester hours or 120 quarter hours of transferable college credit which must include:

  • 6 semester hours of English
  • 9 semester hours of Social Science
  • 6 semester hours of Humanities
  • 3 semester hours of Lifespan Development
  • 11 semester hours of Natural Science (must include Human Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology)
  • 3 semester hours of Statistics
  • 2–3 semester hours of Nutrition
  • 38 semester hours of remaining credit from an accredited college/university

Learn from Where You Live

Our modified class schedule offers flexible formats and distributed/distance course delivery

Vanderbilt School of Nursing is committed to career mobility for ASN and diploma nursing graduates. During your PreSpecialty year, you do not have to relocate to Vanderbilt or give up your employment to be enrolled as a full-time or part-time student.

Instead, Vanderbilt lets you learn from where you live with PreSpecialty course content that is delivered in a modified learning (block) format:

  1. Courses offered in concentrated blocks of time on campus, including weekends, up to four times per semester
  2. On-line conferencing
  3. Recorded lecture delivery and distributed learning methods which allow for continued faculty contact between sessions.

In addition, clinical placement may be arranged in your home area provided a suitable agency and preceptor are available. Sites and preceptors are subject to Vanderbilt School of Nursing faculty approval.

Due to Certain Board of Education and/or Board of Nursing restrictions, the School of Nursing is not able to accommodate clinical placements in all locations.