Global Health Courses

(All count towards the Global Health Certificate)

NURS 8072. Fundamentals of Global Health: Addressing Global Health Disparities (Summer) - Modified Distance Format
This is a 3 credit hour elective course designed for graduate students interested in global health and will consist of seven units: Introduction to Global Health, Health Disparities, Health Care Delivery Systems, Evidence-based Practice, Non-communicable and Communicable illnesses, Trauma and Violence and Effective, Ethical Models for Global Health Engagement. The course will focus on best practices for allocating scarce resources and engaging in interdisciplinary global health work with diverse communities from a cultural, ethical and clinical perspective. Students will engage in learning through readings, synchronous and asynchronous discussions, case studies and written assignments. This course is designed for students interested in caring for and empowering underserved populations locally and abroad.

NURS 6084/UNIV 5315. Planetary Health, Policy and Social Justice
This is a 3 credit hour elective course designed for students interested in exploring the intersections between primary care, climate change (according to WHO, currently the greatest threat to global health), health, social justice and policy. The causes of climate change and the resulting primary, secondary and tertiary impacts on people and communities will be examined through the lens of global health and policy. Students will develop evidence-based and targeted adaptation and mitigation strategies as well as policy-based solutions, all incorporating science and engineering, political science and policy, law and economics as well as nursing and medicine to address healthspan disparities related to climate change and social vulnerability.