Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon Program is available to eligible Chapter 33 students with 100% entitlement. This program is a supplement to the Post 9/11 GI Bill that helps veterans to bridge the gap between the Post 9/11 tuition benefit and the actual cost of tuition and fees.

The School of Nursing provides up to $12,000 additional tuition dollars per year ($6,000 from VUSN and $6,000 matching funds from VA).The exact amount of Yellow Ribbon dollars received is based on the student’s tuition and fees balance after Chapter 33 benefits and institutional aid are applied.

Yellow Ribbon awards may reduce, or be reduced by, other institutional aid awarded. The VUSN portion will be disbursed as $2,000 a semester for those enrolled in three semesters a year. If a student is enrolled in two semesters a year, the VUSN portion will be disbursed as $3,000 a semester.

Students currently on Active Duty are not eligible to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program. The University will review its Yellow Ribbon commitment each year. Participation levels may vary in future years.

Questions regarding the certification of Veteran's educational benefits should be directed to: