2021-2022 VUSN Plan

Expand and Deepen Dialogue with Our Black Community Members and Increase Investment in Programming and Infrastructure Supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Activities and events for the next academic year will build upon previous education and training. This year’s theme for EDI emphasizes action. It is not enough for faculty and staff to attend trainings but must be proactive to create change. This year’s theme is “VUSN ’Dores Act.” VUSN ’Dores will be encouraged to actively engage and expand equity and inclusion throughout VUSN and the community it serves.

As we begin another academic year, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing has also begun a year full of diversity, equity and inclusion activities and events. Summarized below are a few new initiatives planned for 2021 -2022.

EDI Commitment Kick-Off Celebration
During the first week of classes, VUSN faculty, staff and students will join together to reconnect and commit to equity, diversity and inclusion as a community. Each VUSN community member will be asked to trace the palm of one hand on a vinyl banner stating what they commit to do to support EDI. For example, “I commit to respect my peers.” This banner will be used as a reminder intermittently throughout the school year denoting the importance of EDI and personal commitment within VUSN.

Solidarity for Social Justice
On September 7, 2021, the School of Nursing faculty, staff and students will stand to demonstrate their dedication to social justice. The community will convene in the VUSN roundabout acknowledging their commitment or recommitment to certain causes relevant to social justice for a 10-minute period. Dean Pam Jeffries will provide introductory remarks.

Enhance Scholarship and Education

Advancing to Inclusivity in Nursing using Simulation
This is a project which builds upon current methods of instruction using simulated, evidence-based scenarios to explore verbal and non-verbal responses to various classroom, seminar and clinical scenarios. The overall purpose of this project is to promote a more culturally inclusive learning environment within Vanderbilt University School of Nursing by

  1. Developing and implementing virtual simulations grounded in key equity, diversity and inclusion concepts such as implicit bias, racism, empathy and humility.
  2. Actively engaging in dialogue and exploring internal and external perceptions of responses within simulated lectures, clinicals, seminars and daily interactions.
  3. Creating a plan to apply culturally inclusive principles across all VUSN nursing programs.


Narrative 4 Storytelling Event
This year’s storytelling events will focus on “Stories of Us.” Stories will focus on the recalling specific moments through stories that will help build team building within VUSN. Storytelling will focus on cultural humility and empathy.

 VUSN/VUMC Mobile Vaccine Program
The VUSN/VUMC Mobile Vaccine Program in support of underrepresented communities will continue in AY 2021-22.