Partner Sites

CHWTPT is currently partnering with social service agencies, government organizations, clinics, schools, and other agencies providing health promotion and education. Agencies can choose to participate as a partner site offering either an apprenticeship or field placement. These placements provide opportunities for CHW trainees to build knowledge, competencies, and skills through a hands-on approach as they prepare for careers in community health.

  • Apprenticeship: Agencies interested in becoming a US Department of Labor apprenticeship site will be working with the Rural Health Association of Tennessee to complete paperwork and monitor apprentice progress. Apprenticeships last for 2000 hours (one year fulltime) and require that the apprentice be paid a salary in addition to their training stipend. If interested, please complete the Partner Interest Form
  • Field placements: While in the 192-hour or 6-10 week placement, CHW trainees will expand their professional network, engage with clients through direct and indirect services, and evaluate their practice under the guidance of the organization and program supervision. The CHWTPT is looking for sites with relevant CHW work to host field placements. The field placement is an opportunity for organizations in search of qualified CHWs to hire for open CHW roles, as the goal of the field placement is to place newly trained CHWs in a permanent position at the end of the placement. If interested, please complete the Partner Interest Form.

The CHWTPT requires that field placement partners:

  • Watch the Field Placement video to prepare to receive the trainee at your site and also to review the agency expectations, documents, etc. 
  • Complete and submit a signed letter of agreement. 
  • Provide supervisor/mentor to monitor the progress of the trainee and provide support (we recommend someone who is familiar with community health work)
  • Provide orientation to the trainee with the job expectations/duties (related to community health work)
  • Communicate the progress of the trainee to our liaison


Not sure whether you should provide apprenticeship or field placement? Compare the two options:

Community Health Worker Training Program of Tennessee (CHWTPT) Field Placement and Apprenticeship Overview

  Field Placement - Managed by TNCHWA Registered Apprenticeship - Managed by Rural Health Association of TN (RHA)

Online Training Component

144 hours of online training (72 before trainee starts and 72 concurrent with field placement)

144 hours of online training (72 before trainee starts and 72 concurrent with apprenticeship)

[USDOL calls this Related Training Instruction (RTI)];

On the job learning (OJL) hours

192 field hours/ OJL


2000 hours of On-the-Job Learning (OJL)

Suggested Time frame

6-10 weeks (based on full/part-time status)

Approximately 1 year (full-time)

(paid directly to trainee) for costs associated with training

$3750 for the 144 hours of online training +

$1250 every 64 field hours during field placement
(x3 payments=$3750)=$7500 total

$3750 for the 144 hours of online training +

$312.50/166 hours during apprenticeship (x12 payments=$3750) =$7500 total

Site financial requirements

Agency requirements for new hires/interns (e.g. background checks, drug screens)

Salary for trainee (must include 2 wage increases for trainee over the course of the apprenticeship timeframe)


CHWTPT Certificate awarded upon completion

1.     CHWTPT Certificate awarded upon completion

2.     US Department of Labor (USDOL) Registered Community Health Worker Apprenticeship Certificate

Documentation & Forms


Supervisor signs timesheet and skills checklist; CHWTPT Liaison will track progress

RHA will complete USDOL forms and data entry into RAPIDS system

CHW trainee recruitment

TNCHWA will assist site with recruitment and retention of trainees

RHA will assist employer with recruitment and retention of apprentices

Support for processes

TNCHWA provides orientation and ongoing guidance for field placement process

Rural Health provides guidance for USDOL Registered Apprenticeship process for employer and trainee

Support for trainees

Bi-weekly meetings/check-ins with trainee

Monthly case management for trainee

Organization agreements

Letter of Agreement with VUSN

USDOL documents (Work Schedule & Employer Acceptance Agreement)

CHW trainee agreements

Signed agreement with VUSN

USDOL Apprenticeship Agreement