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  Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities: VUSN Postdoctoral Fellowship - Application deadline September 1.

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Dami Ko, PhD, RN

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kami Do

Dami Ko is Postdoctoral Scholar, studying under Dr. Sheila Ridner. Her research is focused on self-management in solid organ transplant populations. Prior to earning her PhD, Dr. Ko worked as a transplant nurse in South Korea. During this time, she recognized that many solid organ transplant populations were struggling with their self-management. This experience led her to pursue her research career to study how to improve self-management in solid organ transplant populations, and further their health outcomes. Her dissertation study aimed to comprehensively describe self-management in liver transplant recipients and identify factors (i.e., cognition, self-efficacy, and health information seeking behavior) related to self-management. Currently she is focused on self-management and its relationship with health outcomes in solid organ transplant populations.