Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Acute Care

Educational Formats

If you are:

  • A registered nurse with an ASN/ADN/Diploma, you will complete a two semester sequence of baccalaureate level courses before progressing to your specialty courses. Your entire program of studies will be in the modified distance learning format and you will not need to relocate to Nashville. 
  • A registered nurse with a BSN or MSN, you will learn via a modified block learning format. This specialty is only taught in a modified distance learning format that provides flexibility for working nurses. There is no need for you to relocate or give up employment while completing your MSN.
    • Courses offered in concentrated blocks of time on campus, including weekends. 
    • Online conferencing
    • Distributed course delivery methods, such as live video-streamed lectures and archived lectures
    • Continued faculty contact between sessions