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Required Application Criteria

  • Doctoral Nursing Faculty: DNP or PhD

Professional Qualifications

  • Currently ≥ 50% of time is spent teaching in a DNP or nursing PhD program
  • Hold a DNP, PhD, DNSc, DNS, EdD degree
  • Teach at least 1 course in the DNP or nursing PhD program
  • Active member of a professional nursing organization
  • Actively mentoring DNP or nursing PhD students

Application Instructions

  • Complete application form & CV
  • Letter of recommendation and support from Dean

Post-Training Expectations

  • Able to integrate key principles of TIGER proposed medical genomics care into the doctoral nursing curriculum, scholarship or practice within 1 year post- course
  • Complete 6 and 12-month post-course goal updates

Upon completion, participants will be granted a Certificate of Completion and continuing education credits for the completed course content.