School of Nursing and VUMC launch new program for diverse nurses aspiring to leadership

Nurses from underrepresented groups in nursing who are interested in leadership are invited to apply for a new aspiring leaders academy to be held at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing July 17-19, 2023.  The academy is for those who have more than three years’ nursing experience and are not yet in leadership roles in health care or academia.

The unique leadership development program is led by experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds who are committed to equipping nurses for future leadership roles. It was specifically created by Vanderbilt School of Nursing and Vanderbilt University Medical Center to serve the needs of nurses from underrepresented groups in nursing leadership and/or those who are committed to expanding and supporting diversity in nursing leadership.

“If you’re a registered nurse, advanced practice nurse, nurse educator, case manager or nurse informaticist, this program will help you develop a career plan and toolkit for future leadership roles,” said Mamie Williams, PhD, senior director for nurse diversity and inclusion at VUMC and academy co-director.

The Academy for Diverse Aspiring Nurse Leaders is a companion event to Vanderbilt’s highly successful Academy for Diverse Emerging Nurse Leaders, which is for nurses who have been in leadership in academia or health care for less than three years.

“Participants called that program ‘life-changing,’ ‘transformative,’ ‘profound’ and ‘the most meaningful and impactful thing I have participated in,’” said Rolanda Johnson, PhD, VUSN associate dean of equity, diversity and inclusion and academy co-director. “They felt strongly that learning how to be a successful diverse leader at an earlier stage in their careers would have been valuable and suggested the creation of a similar program for nurses who aspire to leadership.”

For more information on the program, visit Spots are limited so applicants are encouraged to apply by May 31.