RoundingWell Teams Up with Mercury Court Clinic to Improve Patient Care

Photo by : Susan Urmy

The Clinic at Mercury Courts (CMC), a community health initiative of Vanderbilt University’s School of Nursing to reach the most medically underserved, has deployed a patient engagement and care management platform developed by the Nashville-based informatics company, RoundingWell. RoundingWell and the CMC have implemented the technology at no cost to the clinic in the spirit of community health improvement and innovation. Currently the RoundingWell platform is being used by the interprofessional team at the CMC to coordinate the delivery of complex medical and social care for their patient population.

The CMC’s core interprofessional team consists of nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists, social workers, and physicians. As a team, they have already created a variety of pathways that are tailored to the specific needs of the CMC patient population. In addition, the clinical information is securely stored in RoundingWell with integration plans to connect with the clinic’s electronic medical record in the near future. Specifically, when a health risk, issue, or problem is identified for a patient, the team at the CMC activates pre-defined pathways in the RoundingWell system, which in turn activates pre-defined tasks for clinicians based upon their clinical roles.

This allows for almost effortless communication and smooth transitions of care. Dr. Christian Ketel,
clinical director of the CMC put it this way, “The clinician team at the Clinic at Mercury Courts works in a challenging clinical environment. We are confronted with a constant stream of difficult and complex clinical and social situations on a daily basis. The key to our success has always been excellent communication. The care collaboration work that we are doing with RoundingWell has provided our team with an unprecedented level of communication that is increasing our team’s ability to provide exceptional care to Nashville’s most vulnerable.”

For John Smithwick, CEO of RoundingWell, the decision to make RoundingWell available to the clinician team at the CMC was an easy one: “We’ve been partners with the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing for a number of years, and we’ve always admired the public health initiatives that they lead across our community. If our solution can help this truly interdisciplinary team at CMC to better address the health needs of this population, we were very glad to volunteer its use. Whether at a large hospital, an ACO, or a smaller community clinic, clinician teams recognize the need to coordinate and collaborate on the delivery of health services to their patients to achieve the best possible outcomes. The CMC is no different.”

More About The Clinic at Mercury Courts: The CMC is a nurse-led interprofessional clinic operated by the Vanderbilt School of Nursing serving, arguably, the most underserved in Nashville, TN with regard to health and social services. The clinic has been in operation since August of 2012 and currently serves a population base of 2,100 individuals. The patient population is composed of primarily persons and families currently experiencing homelessness or who have only recently been placed in public housing. Services include medical, advanced practice nursing, behavioral, social, and pharmacy care to all the patients. Care is delivered using an evidenced based, innovative practice model that includes the use of interprofessional collaborative teams and cutting edge health technology systems. To learn more please contact the clinic at 615-259-5124.

More About RoundingWell: RoundingWell is a Nashville-based healthcare technology company that offers a cloud-based patient engagement and care management platform. It partners with a variety of healthcare provider organizations via a software-as-a-service (SAAS) delivery model. RoundingWell’s focus is on educating patients and on gathering clinical data from patients that could indicate the early warning signs of potential adverse health events. The system then immediately alerts the clinician team to the presence of risks or clinical issues occurring with the patient. This positions the clinician team to intervene much earlier and in a low-cost manner. For clinician teams, RoundingWell offers an array of collaboration, task management, and analytics tools that allow them to react efficiently and effectively to manage the health of their postacute and chronic patient populations. Learn more about how RoundingWell can help you by visiting