Allison honored with student-voted Dean Colleen Conway-Welch Award

Terri Allison in a bright blue jacket and blouse smiles against a backdrop of trees

Terri Allison

Terri Allison, DNP, FAANP, director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program and assistant dean for academics, DNP, recently received Vanderbilt’s Dean Colleen Conway-Welch Award. The student-selected recognition is bestowed upon a DNP faculty member who demonstrates noteworthy contributions to student learning, either through course instruction or by serving as a supportive advisor or mentor. In addition, the faculty member exemplifies expertise in their content area, models professional behaviors in scholarly activities, and fosters a culture of encouragement for scholarly pursuits.

Allison was recognized for her exceptional patience and unwavering support throughout students’ DNP progress. According to students, she patiently supports struggling students and celebrates student and graduate accomplishments. They also said she continually improves the curriculum and does it with the student and graduate success in mind.

Allison was instrumental in the development of the DNP program at Vanderbilt and regularly consults and presents on issues about doctor of nursing practice education and advanced nursing practice. In addition to directing the DNP program, Allison is an acute care nurse practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in critical care, cardiology, heart failure and transplantation and maintains a practice with the Vanderbilt Heart Transplant Program.

The annual doctoral faculty was established in 2013 in honor of Colleen Conway-Welch, who served the school as dean for 29 years.