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Leanne Boehm   PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, FCCM, FAAN

Assistant Professor


Dr. Boehm's research aims to eliminate delirium, oversedation, and immobilization in intensive care, and maximize the quality of survivorship for patients and family members following critical illness. She has worked extensively on reducing the prevalence of ICU delirium and post-intensive care syndrome (PICS) through implementation of the ABCDEF bundle, ICU recovery clinics, and ICU peer support programs. She has advanced training in implementation science and quality improvement. Her current research is evaluating the efficacy of telehealth ICU recovery care services and implementation of digital interventions to enhance family engagement and empowerment in the ICU. Dr. Boehm is an investigator with the Critical Illness, Brain Dysfunction and Survivorship (CIBS) Center (www.icudelirium.org) and faculty with the Vanderbilt Center for Clinical Quality and Implementation Research.

View a video abstract of Dr. Boehm's meta-synthesis of ICU delirium-related distress [Video]

Perceptions of ICU Hospitalization and Recovery [Video]


  • PhD, Vanderbilt University
  • MSN, Vanderbilt University
  • BS, Pennsylvania State University
  • AD, Mercyhurst University


  • Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist

Current Research/Scholarly Interests

  • Develop, test, and implement interventions to improve interprofessional protocol implementation, adherence, and fidelity in the acute care setting.
  • Efficacy of ICU recovery clinics with exploration of the associated patient, staff, and organizational outcomes and implementation strategies to improve patient engagement.
  • Exploration of peer support group and ICU diary interventions to reduce the burden of post-intensive care syndrome (PICS).

Academic Interests

  • Implementation science
  • Quality improvement methods and measures
  • Designing and testing interventions


2023-2028: Boehm LM (PI). Telehealth-enhanced patient-oriented recovery trajectories after intensive care (TelePORT). National Institute on Aging. R01AG077644.
Total costs: $3,668,444

2023-2026: Ely EW (PI). Boehm LM (Co-I, 10%). An app-based communication tool designed to address delirium and improve family engagement and patient/family satisfaction in critically ill patients (VoiceLove Communicate Trial). National Institute on Aging. R42AG080891.

2023-2025:  Danesh V and McDonald A (MPI). Boehm LM (Co-I, 3%) Driving rehabilitation and innovation for evaluating risk in post-intensive care unit survivors (DRIVE-PICS). National Institute on Aging. R21AG080339A.

2023-2025: Kleinpell RM and LaNoue M (MPI). Boehm LM (Stakeholder consultant). Addressing Barriers to Engaging Patient and Caregivers Experiencing Critical Illness to Build Capacity. PCORI.

2019-2022: Boehm LM (PI). Telehealth Enhanced Patient Oriented Recovery Trajectory after ICU: TelePORT study, Vanderbilt Discovery Grant
Direct costs: $100,000

2019-2022: Boehm LM (PI). Improving ICU Recovery in Survivors of Critical Illness, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
Direct costs: $49,999

2018-2021: Boehm LM (Trainee). Vanderbilt Scholars in T4 Translational Research (V-STTaR) Program (1K12HL137943-01), NIH/NHLBI
Direct costs: $613,312

Representative Publications


Boehm, L. M., Bird, C. M., Warren, A. M., Danesh, V., Hosey, M. M., McPeake, J., ... & Powers, M. B. (2023). Understanding and Managing Anxiety Sensitivity During Critical Illness and Long-Term Recovery. American Journal of Critical Care, 32(6), 449-457.

Carter, S. J., Lauderdale, J., Stollings, J. L., Sevin, C. M., Cunningham-Erves, J., Kokoy, S., ... & Boehm, L. M. (2023). Factors Influencing Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccine Decision Making in the Post-ICU Period: A Secondary Analysis. CHEST Critical Care, 100027.

Danesh, V., McDonald, A. D., McPeake, J., Eaton, T. L., Potter, K., Su, H., ... & Boehm, L. M. (2023). Driving decisions after critical illness: Qualitative analysis of patient-provider reviews during ICU recovery clinic assessments. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 146, 104560.

Eaton TL, Danesh V, Sevin CM, Potter K, Su H, Iwashyna TJ, Boehm LM, McPeake J. Importance of Reconnection With ICU Survivors to ICU Recovery Program Clinicians. CHEST Critical Care. 2023 Sep 1;1(2):100009.Boehm, L. M., Danesh, V., Eaton, T. L., McPeake, J., Pena, M. A., Bonnet, K. R., ... & Sevin, C. M. (2023). Multidisciplinary ICU recovery clinic visits: a qualitative analysis of patient-provider dialogues. Chest, 163(4), 843-854.

Boehm, L. M., Danesh, V., LaNoue, M., Trochez, R. J., Jones, A. C., Kimpel, C. C., & Sevin, C. M. (2023). Factors influencing engagement with in-person Intensive Care Unit recovery clinic services. Journal of intensive care medicine, 38(4), 375-381.

Kovaleva M, Jones AC, Kimpel CC, Lauderdale J, Sevin CM, Stollings JL, Jackson JC, Boehm LM (2023). Patient and Caregiver Experiences with a Telehealth Post-Intensive Care Syndrome Recovery Clinic. Heart & Lung. 58, 47-53. PMID: 36399862

Li, H. C., Yeh, T. Y. C., Wei, Y. C., Ku, S. C., Xu, Y. J., Chen, C. C. H., ... & Boehm, L. M. (2022). Association of Incident Delirium with short-term mortality in adults with critical illness receiving mechanical ventilation. JAMA Network Open, 5(10), e2235339-e2235339.

McPeake, J., Boehm, LM., Hibbert, E., Hauschildt, K., Bakhru, R., Bastin, A., ... & Sevin, C. (2022). Modification of social determinants of health by critical illness and consequences of that modification for recovery: an international qualitative study. BMJ open, 12(9), e060454.

Boehm, L. M., Mart, M. F., Dietrich, M. S., Work, B., Wilson, W. T., Walker, G., & Piras, S. E. (2022). Effects of social influence and implementation climate and leadership on nurse-led early mobility behaviours in critical care. BMJ Open Quality, 11(2), e001885.

Danesh, V., Boehm, L. M., Eaton, T. L., Arroliga, A. C., Mayer, K. P., Kesler, S. R., ... & Montgomery, A. A. (2022). Characteristics of post-ICU and post-COVID recovery clinics in 29 US health systems. Critical care explorations, 4(3).

Kovaleva, M., Jones, A.C., Kimpel, C.C., Lauderdale, J., Sevin, C.M., Boehm, L.M. (2022). Patients' and Caregivers' Perception of Intensive Care Unit Hospitalization and Recovery. American Journal of Critical Care, in press. 

Jeffery, A.D., Werthman, J.A., Danesh, V., Dietrich, M.S., Mion, L.C., Boehm, L.M. (2021). ABCDEF bundle implementation: Quantifying the influence of access to bundle-enhancing supplies and equipment. Critical Care Explorations, 3(9):e0525. 

Boehm, L.M., Jones, A.C., Selim, A.A., Virdun, C., Garrard, C.F., Walden, R.L., Ely, E.W., Hosie, A. (2021). Delirium-related distress in the ICU: A meta-synthesis of patient and family perspectives and experiences. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 122, 104030. 

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Boehm, L.M., Lauderdale, J., Garrett, A.N., Piras, S.E. (2021). A multisite study of multidisciplinary ICU team member beliefs of early mobility. Heart & Lung, 50(1), 214-219. PMCID: PMC7738426 

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Boehm, L.M., Stolldorf, D.P., Jeffery, A.D. (2020). Implementation science training and resources for nurses and nurse scientists. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 52(1), 47-54. PMCID: PMC6942197 


  • American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
  • Annals of the American Thoracic Society
  • Intensive and Critical Care Nursing
  • SAGE Open Nursing
  • Heart & Lung
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Journal of Critical Care
  • American Journal of Critical Care
  • American Nurse Today
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  • Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing
  • Geriatrics

Professional Organizations

  • Critical and Acute Illness Recovery Organization (CAIRO)
  • American Delirium Society
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing


  • American Delirium Society Borten Family Foundation Junior Investigator Award, 2021
  • Fellow, American College of Critical Care Medicine, 2021
  • American Delirium Society Delirium Hero Award, 2018
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Circle of Excellence Award, 2018
  • American Delirium Society Best Clinical Research Poster, 2017
  • American Delirium Society Best Clinical Research Poster, 2016
  • VUMC Research & Evidence-Based Practice Award, 2014
  • VUSN Centennial PhD Fellowship, 2011